12 People Share The Worst Adult Tantrum They Ever WItnessed

“We’ve all been there: the grocery store line is taking forever, the traffic is backed up, and the barista spelled your name wrong on your latte. But while most of us can contain our frustration with a polite sigh or a passive-aggressive tweet, some adults take it to the next level and throw full-blown tantrums. And let me tell you, it’s a sight to behold. Like a toddler who just had their pacifier taken away, but with more expletives and less adorable chubby cheeks.” On that same topic, a user on Reddit recently asked people to share the worst adult tantrum they’ve ever witnessed. We’ve posted 20 of the best responses in the article below. 


1. Uncle asked a cousin to apologize to him for costing him movie points

Was at a restaurant with my uncle and cousins from far away. First time visiting with them in years. At the end of the dinner one of my cousins snuck off and paid for everyone as a nice gesture.

My uncle got irate yelling and complained that he wanted to pay his share because, and I shit you not, he has a movie ticket points Visa card and he was close to getting a free movie. He argued and told off our cousin loudly in the restaurant over a few free movie points. He would not drop it until he got our cousin to apologise to him for costing him movie points.

I don’t think those cousins are going to fly down again any time soon.


2. Women flipped out because we didn’t have a specific beanie baby 

When I was 16, I worked at McDonalds. This was in the days of Beanie Babies. A woman came in with her 2 small children. She ordered some happy meals and wanted a specific Beanie Baby. When she found out that we didn’t have it, she flipped out. She called us every name in the book, right in front of her little kids and everyone else’s kids. She was a real Meanie Baby.


3. Guest destroyed his own laptop in anger because we didn’t have a room for him

I worked the front desk at a hotel a few years ago. A guest came to check in around 10pm and asked if he could get a room with 2 beds (he booked 1 bed). I told him we were sold out of rooms with 2 beds. Before I could offer him anything else, he took the bowl of apples we had at the desk and threw it against the wall. Then he took his OWN laptop, threw it on the ground and started kicking it around the lobby. Security came out promptly and told him he needed to leave, which obviously prompted more screaming and kicking. Needless to say, he didn’t stay at the hotel that night.

4. Women flipped out because we also sliced non-organic bread on the machine 

I worked in a grocery store and a woman asked me to slice her organic bread. She flipped out when she discovered that non-organic bread was also sliced on the machine. She stomped her foot and yelled, “But that messes up the organic integrity!” It was my last week working there, so I simply told her, “Ma’am, please understand, I’m not emotionally involved in the situation.” She froze and just walked away with the bread.

5. Dude gets made for being charged for Grapes by the pound 

Dude I was standing behind in line at the grocery store got pissed at the cashier for charging him by the pound for grapes. He was adamant that the listed price was for the bunch and was making a huge scene and getting nasty with the cashier. He asked me to come with him so he can show me (was within viewing distance from the register and I just wanted the line to move). We walked over to the grapes and he showed me the label and said “what does that say?” looking all proud. I pointed at the small text under the price and said “per pound.” He got even more pissed and checked out talking shit the whole way through and left.

6. Lady wanted 23 cents off everything she bought 

Was in line behind some lady in a gas station who was absolutely insistent the guy take 23 cents off whatever it was she was trying to buy. He tried every way he could to explain to this lady that he couldn’t do it but she just wouldn’t listen.

I finally gave up and just slapped a dollar down on the counter and said I’ll pay for the rest of it. She then of course insists that he not accept my money and that she wanted him to give her the 23 cents. Instead he quickly picked up my dollar and told her to get out.

Now it’s my regular gas station and he gives me a free redbull on Monday mornings 🙂

7. Guys flipped the entire dinner table 

Once had dinner at a restaurant with a group of people who’d been partying all day. Just after the meal was served, one guy cracked it about something and upturned the whole table. Food spilt, plates destroyed, dresses ruined, and he walks off down the road. To make matters worse, we all had to chip in to pay for the smashed plates and un-eaten meals. What a great end to fun day.

8. Lady flipped her cart because her coupons wouldn’t work 

i work in retail, and i saw one woman literally flip her full cart over and walk out after her coupons wouldn’t go through

it was actually extremely impressive now that i think about it, it must’ve had $150 of groceries at least

10. Grown man throws tantrum at a parking garage 

The parking garage near my work is a frustrating place. The monthly customers have a parking pass that lifts the gate to get in and to get out. The thing is, the pass and their sensor dont work. You have to creep up to where you think the sweet spot might be, wave your pass around, reverse and try again, curse a bunch, endure people behind you honking despite them going through the same thing….. frustrating.

Not surprisingly, I witnessed a grown man throw the most excellent temper tantrum I’ve ever seen. The gate wouldnt go up, and he just started screaming in his car and smashing on the horn, straight out of a movie. The worst part is is that the gate always seems to go up right when you reach peak rage. So he’s yellin’ away, and then the gate is just like “Alright, man. I’ll open. Jeez.”

11. Traffic jam pettiness 

I was recently driving on a small country road when I saw a traffic jam in the distance. I drove my motorcycle ahead of the traffic untill I saw two ladies facing each other in their cars. Both tried to pass each other, but neither wanted to make enough room for each other to make that possible. They could just drive forward and it would be over, but no, they just refused to pass each other and decided to just sit there and create chaos on this small road because they didn’t want to drive on the small patch of gravel.

12. How to deal with a Karen 

I Was a kid in a mall when I was able to shop by myself and saw a lady blow a fuse at some guy behind the counter. Calling him names and what not just losing her shit. He just puts up the palm of his hand and says, “Mam, I believe you are too irrational to deal with.” And then just pivots 180 degrees not facing her and ignores her. Waits for her to leave and when she does, he just proceeds to say to the next person, “May I help you?” Like nothing even happened. I learned a lot from that guy in 1.5 mins.



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