16 Weird Food Combinations That Should Be Considered As Blasphemy

Have you ever tried some food combinations that looked quite absurd initially but, they taster all right? Well, think about the person who tried pineapple on pizza for the first time. How much resistance he/she must have faced back then, right? However, sometimes, the food combinations taste even worse than they look. For example, how about waffles with pasta sauce or cherry blossom flavored lays? Sounds disgusting, right? In this post, we have compiled 16 absolutely repugnant food combinations that should not even exist. Keep on scrolling to check them out, peeps. WARNING: These photos might make you puke!


#1 Banana Cinnamon Pizza


#2 Mushroom, Peaches, and Blue Cheese


#3 Pear, Mayo and Cherry Salad


#4 Waffles with Pasta Sauce


#5 Cherry Blossom Flavored Lays


#6 Sausage Pork with Gummy Bears


#7 Pickle, Goldfish Cracker, and Mayo Sandwich


#8 Cereal with Berries and Orange Juice


#9 Frosted Flakes with Cheese


#10 Pepperoni Pancakes


#11 Twinkie Weiner Sandwiches with Mustard


#12 Popcorn with Ketchup


#13 Peanut Butter and Jelly Burger


#14 Chocolate-Topped Pizza


#15 Salad with Ice Cream


#16 Tuna Fish with Barbecue Sauce

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