20 Examples Of “Engrish “ Or Broken English From Around The World

“Engrish” is a term used to describe poor or broken English used by speakers of other languages, particularly in East Asia. It can include things like grammar mistakes, misused words, and awkward phrasing. While it can be a source of humor, it is important to remember that it is a reflection of a lack of fluency in the language and should be approached with understanding and patience. Nevertheless, in the post, we’ve posted some of the funniest examples of ” Engrish” compiled from the Reddit community called “Engrish”. From signs with hilarious mistranslations to menus and everyday items with bizarre descriptions, these examples of Engrish are sure to make you laugh.


1. Chilled Beer

2. I can’t pick a favorite, what about you?

3. Seems legit

4. University of Potato Ice

5. Don’t delete the baby!!!


6. Saw this in the local news

7. Just stop living pls

8. L’Otters

9. No is not an option

10. Where’s the queue??


12. Forbidden amuse yourself


13. please do not enter the minors

14. unrespectful

15. Does Bruno mars is gay


17. Do not any of the above

18. hammed burger 🙁

19. you’re under the rest

20. Gets

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