20 Of The Best Clever Comebacks And Put Downs From This Month

Comebacks and put-downs can be a great way to shut down trolls, haters, and arrogant and ignorant people. When someone is trying is being ignorant or trying to provoke you, a well-timed comeback or put-down can defuse the situation and leave the troll or hater speechless. From clever one-liners to witty retorts, these comebacks and put-downs will have you laughing and maybe even inspire you to come up with your own. So, sit back, relax and enjoy the show as we take a look at the 20 of the best comebacks and put-downs from the month of December.


1. Dread it. Run from it.

2. Very strange, indeed

3. Blue checkmarked too!

4. How the turned have tables.

5. This is correct

6. She just got buried six feet deep

7. Big comeback energy

8. Biologically natural

9. You can disagree with an opinion, but the math never lies

10. Hating disloyal people….

11. You can still breathe id*ot

12. Thoughtful guy

13. Double Standards

14. Apply directly to the burn

15. Yes, well, you see, I’m never wrong


16. He Was Asking For It!

17. A short history lesson

18. Box office body shaming

19. Education IS vitally important, after all

20. Argument with grandpa

So that’s some of the best comebacks and put-downs from this month. Do let us know in the comments or send us the links if you have seen any other comebacks and put-downs worthy of being featured on our website.

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