20 People Share Company Secrets Of The Companies They Previously Worked For

“Working for a company can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but for some employees, it can also be a source of frustration and disappointment. When things go wrong, it’s not uncommon for employees to share company secrets and speak out about their experiences. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of anonymous accounts from people who have chosen to share the secrets of the companies they no longer work for on Reddit. From unethical business practices to poor management, these stories offer a behind-the-scenes look at what really goes on in some of the world’s biggest companies. Read on to find out more.”  More Info Reddit 




I used to work for a company that rhymes with Muzzbeed and we used to have somebody post this question every few months for material for one of our clickbait articles.

~ iate3pepperoncini


Used to work at a graphic design firm. All our Adobe software was pirated.


I used to work surveillance at a casino. From something like 3 stories high ceiling, we could zoom in on money on the table games and read the serial numbers of the bills. We could see the pips on the dice. Policy was to not look down blouses.

~ inkseep1


Maple sap can be trucked in from other states and where it’s turned from sap to syrup decides on the state it comes from, not the location of the trees.

~ Lunar_Gato


Inbound call center – the “We are currently experiencing an unusually high call volume” message is permanent. They just didn’t staff adequately.

~ Following_the_Sun


Olive Garden breadsticks are just Franz brand breadsticks, garlic salt, and butter ETA: It’s margarine, not butter. I forgot there is a difference :p

~ 6billionyearsold


I worked as a dog groomer for a summer, we gave your dog a treat even if they wern’t good

~ Bigfeett


If you don’t hear music when you’re supposedly on hold, the operator simply muted their mic and can still hear you. I’ve heard interesting and damning things while they thought I couldn’t hear them.

~ history7s


Worked in insurance, hundreds of people have access to your SSN with no security clearance or background check.

~ Pergmanexe


Worked at a major cable/ISP and there 4 billing cycles. They upgraded the billing system, but did something wrong, and all but the current cycle got a late charge. But instead of fixing it immediately, we were told to credit their account if the customer called in.

I did the math, and for the size of our city, and the 3/4 of people wrongly charged, it was over a million USD. Most people just pay their bill and don’t look to close.

Edit: it was Time Warner, which was bought out a couple times in my area

~ atari26k


Arby’s manager replaced the expiration stickers on the bread with new ones. I guess so the bread would last longer that way. I threw out 100+ pitas with green fuzz on them after checking the manager s work.

~ I_forgot_to_respond


Your luggage at an airport isn’t really handled with care

~ actuallyjohnqmind


I worked for a large construction company and the sales guys would intentionally omit items from contracts because they received incentives for what would then become a “change order”.

Me: “You forgot to include any framing in this contract” Sales weasel: “oh, I guess it’s a change order then.”

*customer cries

~ Barnlifebill


The difference between the high quality deli meat sold at M&S and the regular deli meat sold in other grocery stores is that we changed the label. We would literally stop the production line, wait for the guy who ran the label machine to swap them out and then start it back up again.

~ zerbey


Hotels do not typically have security, maintenance or housekeeping on staff 24/7. Once housekeeping finishes cleaning all the rooms, the entire staff leaves except for one front desk employee.



The “secret ingredient” of Jimmy John’s tuna salad is soy sauce!

Edit: Kikkoman soy sauce specifically. And yes, f**k the owner for what he does to animals.

~ down2businesssocks


If you were on Live Chat with Customer Care, I could see what you were typing before pressing send.

I watched people work through grotesque, racist, sexist statements, fraudulent lies and mistruths, meticulous grammar fixes, and their whole range of emotions in real time before deleting and typing “ok.”

~ BariatricPressure


One of our best restaurant in my town is locally famous and everyone goes there. They say everything is homemade. The thing they are famous for is the hot beef sandwiches…with “homemade” potatoes and gravy….and the fish fry. The fish fry they also have during the week listed as an entree called the cod platter.

It is instant Sysco brown gravy mix and instant Sysco mashed potatoes….the cod is only fresh and fried on Fridays. If you order it during the week it is frozen breaded Sysco “fish fillets” aka a blend of random fish shaped into a stick. 💀

~ squidlygreen


Worked at Best Buy 20 years ago. Employee discount was 5% over cost and I needed a new printer. Decided to splurge on the gold plated USB printer cable that we sold for $40. Rang up $1.78.

~ Ginker78


In the United States. One company’s bread and butter was simply reboxing and relabling computer monitors from China to make it seem like they were from the company and made/assembled in some way by them.

~ JoshM-R


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