20 People Share The Smallest Reason They Broke Up With Someone

“We’ve all heard the classic reasons for ending a relationship: “it’s not you, it’s me,” “we’re just in different places,” and “I need to focus on myself.” But sometimes, the reasons for breaking up are a little more…petty. From leaving the toilet seat up to not liking the way their partner chews, these people share the ridiculous, hilarious, and downright petty reasons they ended a relationship. So, if you’re currently in a relationship and your partner leaves you for not refilling the ice cube tray, just know that you’re in good company.” Below we’ve listed some of the smallest reasons people ended a relationship as answered by the users to a question posted on Reddit.


1. Time to bow out

She was mad at me because she thought I didn’t like her cat.

I liked the cat better than her, so I figured it was time to bow out.

2. The bell annoyed me

She wore a bell on her wrist. Everytime she would move it would jingle. It was like I was sleeping with a housecat.

3. She left the lids open

She left the lid off of everything. So I’d go to the cupboard grab a ketchup bottle from the top, ends up all over me and my kitchen. It happened 7 times before I ended it.

4. Dragonball Z Adidas sneakers

 I was the dumpee not the dumper. I shared a post on Facebook of the new Dragonball Z Adidas sneakers. My fiance’s sisters bf commented calling my friends and I nerds and threatened to kill us. Fiance didn’t see an issue with this and sided with him. We got in a huge fight a bout it which led to her texting me at work a few days later to end our 4 year relationship via text.

5. Didn’t like the brown shirt

He wore this one brown shirt I absolutely hated like once a week at least. I figured I didn’t really like him that much if I was so focused on one shirt. I was also 15.

6. Annoying hissing sound

He made a slight hissing sound every three words within a sentence. So it would go “oh hey babe hsssss how was you hssssssssss day?” I could barely pay attention to what he was asking me. I was too fixated on the snake hissing.

7. Misogynist alert

A few times he said stuff like “you’re so smart… for a girl” “wow for a girl you know a lot about tech”.

I’m not actually that smart, but smart enough to know those little “compliments” are a red flag.

8. Unforgivable

She criticized the way I cut green peppers. I learned from professional chefs, and she just butchered them when I asked her to show me how I was “supposed to do it”. Also, she didn’t think dinosaurs ever existed. She was 23, and I was 24.

9. Paid $2 for my share of the Pizza

She wanted $2 for my share of the pizza we bought after I filled up my car to take us and some friends to the mall.

There was about 5 years of bullshit before that….but that $2 was the final straw.

10. She liked to live dangerously

She refused to wear a seatbelt and would text and drive.

Somehow she is still alive nearly 8 years later and for the love of God I don’t know how.

11. Annoying laugh

she laughed like seth rogen and it was getting really annoying. nothing wrong with her, just not the right one for me i guess

12. Sitting together on the bus

When I was in high school I broke up with my boyfriend when it came time to pick our bus seats for the semester. I knew he’d want to sit together. I also knew we’d probably break up during the semester, and then have to go through the drama and embarrassment of getting our seats changed. So I broke up with him before the seating charts came out to make my life easier down the road.

13. Didn’t like his face

His sex face. It was super angry and serious looking I couldn’t help but laugh every time and it would piss him off.

14. Skrimps

She said skrimps instead of shrimp.

15. Mocked my education

She had been to university and I hadn’t, wasn’t really much of a big deal to me. Until one day she had her friends round, and they were talking and I was obviously trying to engage in conversation and make a good first impression. At which point she said “aw you don’t have to try to talk to us, you can watch TV” I can see how it might have been innocent, but fucking hell it felt condescending. I’m not a child, I can be part of an adult conversation without a degree.

16. Jared from Subway

a friend pointed out to me that the guy i was dating looked exactly like Jared from Subway. i couldn’t un-see it.

17. Impolite jerk

We were riding in the car and passed a walking track where a woman was walking. She was easily 400 pounds and sweating profusely as she worked her way around the track.

He looked at me and said “Some people shouldn’t be allowed to work out in public.” He dropped me off at home and I said “Have a nice life.

18. Musician Problems

A friend who is obscenely into classical music was dating a violinist and broke up with her because she mispronounced Shostakovich.

Musician problems I guess.

19. Texting

I didn’t like a guys texting etiquette. He couldn’t spell basic things and used too many !!! And 🤣🤣🤣

20. Maymays

She pronounced Memes as “Maymays”




So that’s it. Have you also broken up with someone over a petty reason? Share it in the comments below.

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