30 Examples Of ‘Covidiots’ Who Think Covid-19 Is Nothing Serious

Do you know what a covidiot is? It is a newly added terminology in the dictionaries that refer to virus deniers who see it as a conspiracy theory or some kind of a joke! These are the kind of idiots who deserve public shaming, and luckily, people were up to this task. In this post, we have listed 30 photos showing moments when people encountered covidiots and decided to shame them online. Keep on scrolling and see it for yourself, peeps. You will find most of these insults quite satisfying. If you know people who are covidiots, share this post with them.



#1 Corona Go Brrr

#2 Just Had A Karen Call 911 On Us Telling Us It Was “Unconstitutional And Inhumane” That We Require Customers To Wear Masks

#3 I Drive For Uber, And Since No One Pays Attention To The Covid Notices When They Book The Ride, I Started Sending Everyone This Advance Pickup Message. It’s Not Working Like I’d Hoped

#4 Pos Pretends To Be Disabled To Try And Get Out Of Wearing A Mask

#5 Lana Del Rey’s Mesh Mask

#6 So This Pos Average Bollywood Singer Sneaked Out Of The Airport Upon Her Visit From The UK So That She Wouldn’t Be Quarantined, Threw A Huge Party And Now She’s Tested Positive For The Virus. Covid-19 More Than Anything Has Exposed Stupid People Like Her, Evangeline Lilly And Those Panic Buyers

#7 Karen Willing Infects 40 Members Of Her Own Family With Covid-19


#8 My Friend Really Uses Her Hand As A Mask

#9 A Local School Posted Photos On Their Social Media About How They Are Following Covid Guidelines. They Photoshopped A Mask On The Teacher’s Face

#10 Driving To Another State Just To Avoid Using A Mask

#11 Not Wearing A Mask Around Healthcare Workers And Patients

#12 Anti-Mask Sign In My Town

#13 Student’s Father Died From Covid, Professor Unsympathetic

#14 I’m A Hair Stylist. I Have A Client That Keeps Trying To Get An Appointment With Me But Refuses To Wear A Mask. Her Response Tonight

#15 Wow, I Wonder How That Happened?

#16 People In UK City Have Been Putting Up Posters In Bus Stops Urging People To Ignore Guidance For Coronavirus

#17 No Mask In A Crowded Waiting Room Full Of Old, Sick People. Some Coughing! When I Confronted Her She Said, “It’s Too Hot.” And Waved Me Off Like I Was A Bothersome Gnat

#18 This Is How My Class Practices Social Distancing.. Nobody Is Wearing A Mask Either. (I’m On The Left In The Back)

#19 Karen Goes To Trader Joe’s Without A Mask, Employees Ask Her To Put On A Mask Or Leave, She Refuses & Makes A Commotion Because It’s Her “Civil Liberty”, Then Posts It On Youtube

#20 Ukrainian Deputy Wearing A “Homemade” Face Mask

#21 Patient With Fever Removes Mask On Female Nurse And Spits On Her Face In Wuhan, Saying ‘I Don’t Want To Live Anymore And You Guys Should Not Live Too!’

#22 My School Just Canceled Spring Break To Stop Covid. Here’s A FB (Football) Game From This Year

#23 This Is A Real Ad From My Local Newspaper

#24 Folks Like This Dude Are Why Covid-19 Ain’t Going Away Smh

#25 Idk What To Do With This. My Girlfriend Snapped This Real Quick At Walmart Today. Yes That’s A Visor As A Mask


#26 We Have A Mask Order Too Tf

#27 Wedding During Covid Has Chairs Inches Apart But At Least Each Plate Has Hand Sanitizer

#28 Pennsylvania Server Finds This After Asking Customer To Wear Their Masks Until They Were Seated

#29 This Mask I Got An Ad For…

#30 99.9% Idiot


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