30 Funny Engrish Signs From South Korea

South Korea! A land of Technological hub. If you have ever been to South Korea, you would agree with the fact that it’s a place worth your visit. Whether you go to Seoul or Busan, the country is full of amusement. Their signboards are also famous all around the world. You know why? It’s because they keep you entertained throughout the trip. In this post, we have curated a list of hilarious signboards which are still existing in South Korea. Scroll on to check them out and enjoy peeps! Don’t forget to share with your friends.

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#1 I Will Find You And I Will Put You In A Salad!


#2 Let’s Get Naked To End Covid-19!


#3 The Table Is The Best Place For Delicious Love Making. Just For You


#4 You Don’t Have To Be A B***h This Summer, But There’s A Festival For You If You Are


#5 This Eel Is Really Good At Lifting Weights. That’s What Happens When You Eat Here


#6 No Wonder The Birth Rate In Korea Is So Low


#7 Do You Need An Old People Stick?


#8 I Was Really Confused Until I Learned How To Use A Toilet Correctly


#9 What Else Would You Do At A Hair Stylists Except Set Your Hair On Fire?


#10 When In Danger, Make Sure Not To Calm Down!


#11 These Hotdogs Are Addictive!


#12 It’s Ok, I’m Fine Being Single. Honestly


#13 Don’t Touch This Guy’s Sack Or You Won’t Get His Snacks


#14 The Toilet Is Painful, So You Should Probably Not Use It?


#15 The Irony Of This English Work Book. Hellow!


#16 Story Of My Life!


#17 Embracing Konglish By Making It Into Your Logo. Delicious Hatdogs Here


#18 Only Put Your Troubles Into The Toilet, Not Toilet Paper?


#19 A Creamy Story That’s Only For Ladies


#20 Not Sure I’d Want To Order This In A Restaurant.


#21 I’ll Be Back… To Terminate Some English Here


#22 I’m British, But I Have No Idea What This Is About


#23 Outsiders Don’t Like To Be Used, So Please Don’t Use Them


#24 Some Mountain Poetry For When You’re Out Hiking In Korea


#25 Don’t Use These Nunchaku Aggressively, Keep Them In A Shady Instead To Avoid Losing Quality


#26 Nothing Like A Bit Of Fun Time With Math! But Never Spare The Rod


#27 What An Aweffle Name For A Waffle Shop!


#28 Probably Not A Good Start To The Honeymoon


#29 No! Perhaps It’s Ok To Smoke Here?


#30 I Was Sold At Ink, But Not Sure About The Cream Cheese Bread

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