30 Unnecessary Product Packagings That Makes No Sense

Just how many times have you received a package that looks huge from the outside, but in reality, it is only something small? Well, this packaging waste equals nearly one-third of all trash, costing governments billions of dollars every year in disposal expenses. This is an astonishing fact, but it will all make sense at the end of this post. We have compiled 30 examples of unnecessary and mind-boggling packaging fails that were (fortunately) shamed online. Keep on scrolling and check them out, peeps. You must have had a similar experience once in your life. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends.



#1 I Received A Large Package From Amazon Today


#2 During Their Mating Season, The Masking Tape Must Be Separated To Avoid Unnecessary Violence


#3 I Love It That Stores Really Care About Making Sure Your Products Arrive In One Piece, However, I Ordered A Candle!


#4 My Dell Order Of Six Ink Cartridges Arrived Today


#5 It May Look Like Our Designer Roo Is Hibernating, But This Is Just The Packaging Used To Protect The Eco-Friendly Light Bulbs


#6 Destroying The Planet One Apple At A Time


#7 The Packaging Of Lol Dolls


#8 Gas Station Packaging For One Dose


#9 This Is How Our Shop Received 700 Disposable Screws. Individually Packaged, With Plastic Thread Protectors


#10 I Decided To Try Use Less Plastic So I Ordered 4 Re-Usable Straws, This Is The Amount Of Packaging They Came In


#11 Dear Amazon, Please Explain Why You Need All This Packaging To Send Us Little Label?


#12 2 Boxes Of Tea… 30+ Feet Of Bubble Wrap


#13 Amazon, I Don’t Think The Box Was Big Enough


#14 Excessive Packaging For A Battery I Ordered Online


#15 My New Insurance Refuses To Pay For Meds I’ve Been On For Years. My Doc Gets Free Samples And Gives Them To Me. This Is The Packaging For 15 Days Of Pills


#16 Ordered A Bulk Order On Amazon From A Single Seller. They Sent Each Item In Their Own Individual Envelope With Their Own Individual Tracking Number – 50 Items In 50 Envelopes


#17 I Picked Up Three Months Worth Of Anxiety Medication


#18 I Love Your Products, Dr. Perricone, But Please Sort Out The Wasteful Packaging


#19 Today In Excessive Packaging


#20 This Much Packaging For This Small Of An Eco Friendly Product No Less. This Is Just So Laughably Bad


#21 All This Non Recyclable Packaging Used To Send Copper Tubing. 20 Envelopes For 20 Pieces When All Could Easily Fit Into One


#22 Sephora At It Again For A .05oz Concealer


#23 Oh Good! My Battery Arrived


#24 50 Feet Of Paper For 1 Bag Of Kitty Litter


#25 Buddy Bought Two Mini Cast Irons From Amazon


#26 I Ordered Three Pairs Of Drumsticks From Amazon. They All Showed Up Separately In Boxes Way Bigger Than Necessary


#27 Amazon… Really?!


#28 All This Packaging For This Little Item


#29 “We Want Less Plastic” Plastic Straws Individually Wrapped In Plastic Then Put In A Plastic Bag


#30 I Ordered A Custom Eyeshadow Palette


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