40 Bars And Restaurants That Failed With Their Advertising

Imagine you visit a restaurant, and on the menu, there is a dish called a deep-fried baby. What will you do? Would you call the police, or would you order it to see what it actually is? Well, whatever your reaction would be, this is one ridiculously hilarious mistake! Bars and restaurants are famous for hysterical fails – for all the right reasons of course! To prove our point, we have 40 epic bars and restaurant fails that will make you laugh out loud. Keep on scrolling and enjoy peeps. If you have ever experienced something similar, feel free to share it with us.

#1 This Italian Restaurant In My Hometown Is Really Italian


#2 They Can’t Be Accused Of False Advertising


#3 The Sushi Restaurant That I Went To Accidentally Put A Picture Of USB Sushi On Their Menu


#4 My Local Mexican Restaurant Won The Best Italian Restaurant Award


#5 Took This After Lunch At The Restaurant. At Least The Irony Is Delicious


#6 A Friend Of Mine Called A Restaurant About A Spelling Mistake On Their Sign. And They Changed It


#7 Smart Salad Bar


#8 This Indian Restaurant Was In A Basement, But Wanted To Created The Sense That It Wasn’t. They Created An Entire Wall Of Fake Windows Looking Out Into Pictures Of A Parking Lot


#9 This Restaurant Uses Semi-Transparent Frosted Glass For Its Bathroom Stalls


#10 Apparently Somebody Accepted This At A Bar. A For Effort


#11 This Trash Can At The Bar Is A Box For A Trash Can


#12 These Salt And Pepper Shakers Filled With Salt And Pepper Packets At My Hotel


#13 What A Deal!


#14 Seen In A Restaurant In Texas


#15 Taco Time’s Hiring Pamphlet


#16 A Bar I Go To Never Cleans The Dripped Candle Wax


#17 No Thank You, I Think I’ll Pass


#18 My Local Thai Food Joint Has A Very Unique Interpretation Of “Kid’s Menu”


#19 Confusing Cafe In Korea


#20 B.A.D. Sushi


#21 Is Diet Ice Better For You?


#22 Saw This At A Local Mexican Restaurant… I Think I’ll Wait


#23 This Restaurant Just Has A Framed Picture Where A Tv Used To Be


#24 The Modern Art In This Mexican Restaurant Is Just Breathtaking


#25 Didn’t Expect This


#26 Paid $16 For This Caesar “Salad” At A Concept Restaurant Last Night


#27 This Window Advertisement Left An Awesome Shadow On This Restaurant Patron


#28 Well, That’s One Way To Get More Men To Your Restaurant


#29 Bill & Ann Clearly Believe That Honesty Is The Best Policy


#30 This Restaurant In Paris Used A Dictionary To Translate The Menu


#31 I Need A Taco


#32 Hands Up! This Is A Lobbery!


#33 This Restaurant Wraps Their Menu Around A Wooden Stick. There Was Absolutely No Explanation Or Purpose To It


#34 This Is What I Have To Look At While Eating At Mcdonald’s


#35 This Sign Makes It Look Like Its Quoting A Fire Extinguisher


#36 The Lighting On These Menus


#37 Ate At A Local Restaurant


#38 The Design Of These Plates At A Restaurant Makes It Look Like They Are Dirty


#39 Suggested Tips At This Restaurant


#40  The Fork And Knife At This Restaurant Are Very Awkward



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