40 Examples Of ‘Choosing Beggars’ That Made Our Blood Boil

Yes! We all love our fair share of memes, art and all the fun stuff. However, there are times when we need a bit of an educational story to spread positive messages to our dark and rude world. There are people who think they are the center of the world and others have to “serve” them. They can get so caught up in their own bubbles and concerns that they forget to think about and appreciate the things that others do for them. Scroll on to see our list of people who are extremely ungrateful and can’t see a good deed. We bet by the end of this post, you’ll be extremely furious at these shameless cheaters. Take a look, peeps! And try to appreciate people even for small gestures!

#1 Huffington Post Being A Hypocritical Choosing Beggar


#2 Floss Company Asked For Free Designs. The Artists Responded


#3 Selling A Used iMac For 1200$, Woman Asks “How Low” I Would Sell It For, Or If I’d Take 800 And Some Jewelry She Makes. Oh And I Also Ruined Christmas


#4 Found On My Tattoo Artists Instagram


#5 Then You Don’t Get A Tip


#6 A Riding Mower In Exchange For An Almost $20,000 Car…


#7 Choosing Beggars Don’t Like Free Beer At Local BBQ Joint


#8 Choosing Beggar


#9 Cashapp Beggars


#10 Can’t Go Any Lower Than That


#11 That Doesn’t Make Sense


#12 Ps4 For Free


#13 Can I Have Another Free Violin?


#14 Thanks For Knocking Down The Price, Now How About You Knock Down The Price?


#15 15 Years And One Excuse Later…


#16 Desperate For A Free Sofa… But Only If It Matches My Colour Scheme


#17 People Like You Don’t Deserve iPhones


#18 Poor Selection At The Food Bank


#19 Girl On Tinder Wants Korean BBQ


#20 He Didn’t Do His Part On The Group Project, Gets Mad That Other Group Does Not Let Him In And I Won’t Put His Name On The Paper (I Ended Up Doing All The Work)


#21 Selling An $800 Drone With Accessories For $400 To Get A Little Christmas Money. Then This Parent Of The Year Shows Up


#22 “No No, You Misunderstand. It’s An Honor For You. To Be Allowed To Draw For Me”


#23 The Sheer Audacity Of Someone Who Stopped Associating With Our Friend Circle “To Pursue A Richer Life”


#24 Bridezillas Requirements To Be In Her Wedding Party


#25 I’ll Do Anything For Work, But I Won’t Do That


#26 Girl Begs Me For Money To See Her Dying Father Out Of State. I Find A Bus Ticket For A Fraction Of The Price She Said She Needed And This Was Her Ironic Response


#27 Needs A Miracle, But Not That One


#28 Selling Stuff Online


#29 World-Famous Model Will Promote Your Club For A $25 Bottle Of Vodka


#30 Lol “Work”


#31 Better Learn How To Balance Her Workload


#32 Well Isn’t She A Keeper…


#33 I Guess Their Offer Wasn’t Good Enough


#34 Literally A Choosing Beggar


#35 I Love Selling Stuff On Facebook


#36 Girl Refuses To Pay $20 An Hour For Me To Help Her Move, And Decides To Call Me Cheap


#37 This Guy Cracks Me Up


#38 The Typical Choosing Beggar With Their “I Have A Mate That Will Do It For Free”


#39 Ohhhh Noooo


#40 She Wanted To Take Her 2 Year Old Daughter To A Marilyn Manson Concert


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