40 Examples Of Dumb Parents Who Don’t Deserve To Have Kids

Hands down! Parenting is no easy feat. It’s a never-ending learning process filled with loads of difficult challenges and unexpected situations. With every passing second, parents meet new challenges and struggles, and somehow, they get away with everything on their own. One such challenge begins when babies become conscious of whatever their parents say or do. And sometimes, it also takes them to the next level of toxicity which is very deliberately featured on the ‘ the ‘Parents Are Effing Dumb’ subreddit ’. In this article, we have curated a list of 40 posts from Toxic parents who shouldn’t have had kids, shared on this online community. Keep scrolling to check them out and enjoy peeps!

#1 I’m Sorry, What??


#2 He’s Not Wrong


#3 My Family Does This To Me All The Time, And Each Time I Tell Them It Discourages Me But They Still Do It


#4 How Could She Not Know How Antlers Work?


#5 And I Know That From Home


#6 Me Getting My Vaccinations After My Mother Refused For Me To Have Them


#7 Actually What The F**k


#8 She Is Insane


#9 Very Not Cool


#10 Oh Dear Mom


#11 Tweet Says It All


#12 What If The Neighbors Had Dogs


#13 Please Show Support To The Op On His Post Since His Parents Surely Won’t


#14 Can’t Imagine What That Kid Has To Deal With


 #15 Wow Just Wow


#16 Drip Or Drown


#17 Imagine… Uggh


#18 Parents Theory


#19 Bad Parenting


#20 Florida Teen Dies From Covid-19 After Mom Takes Her To Church “Covid Party”


#21 Atleast One Person In The Comments Had The Sense To Tell Her To Call A Doctor! This Is Too Much


#22 Taking A Picture Instead Of Saving Your Child


#23 Mum Is Angry At Her Child For Growing


#24 Wtf


#25 Another Great Example Of Dumb Parents


#26 Big Brain Logic


#27 Mint Drugs


#28 Family Had Symptoms Of Covid But Sent Child To School Regardless


#29 My Parents Think This Is A Cute Decoration


#30 Found This On Facebook


#31 Woke Up And Saw My Door Removed By My Parents. I Asked Them “Why?” And They Replied With “Privacy Isn’t Necessary”


#32 Tell Me Why


#33 Sorry If Repost


#34 Let Me Just Punish My Kid For Being Depressed Instead Of Trying To Deal With It


#35 It’s A Repost


#36 Everyone Is Fine Today And No Bad Habits Were Formed


#37 Well, He Tried


#38 My Dad Needs To Stay Off The Internet


#39 We Know Everything About You


#40 That Kid Is Like 1


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