40 Fascinating Pics Of Things We Rarely See

It’s true that our planet earth is even more bizarre than we might even imagine. With all its magnificence and majesty, Earth has some incredibly rare things that are often awe-inspiring. In this post, we have collected rarely seen photos that we bet will definately catch you off-guard. From the small stand for rocks in lake Baikal Dzen to tulips blooming in the snow, this list has got some amazing stuff that will blow up your mind. Scroll on to check them out and enjoy peeps! Don’t forget to share with your friends and remind them tha there’s always beauty in the most mundane things.

#1 The Local Nursing Home Is An Indoor Town. There’s A Movie Theater And Pub


#2 This Is What Some Grains Of Sand Look Like When Magnified 100 To 300 Times


#3 This Purely Golden Bee Landed On My Car Today


#4 Rocks On The Lake Baikal


#5 Saw A Snail Today While I Was Outside And Its Shell Is Crystal Clear


#6 This Cat I Met Today Has Sauron’s Eyes


#7 My Friend’s Blind Cat Soren Has Amazing Eyes


#8 This Is A Music Typewriter: How Music Was Typed Before Computers


#9 This Little Transparent Guy Landed On Me In The Ecuadorian Amazon


#10 Sun Through A UV Lens


#11 Blue Bees Exist (Blue Carpenter Bee)


#12 Tulips Blooming In The Snow


#13 This Sea Slug, Which Looks Like A Leaf, Can Go Without Eating For 9 Months, Because It Can Photosynthesize Just Like A Plant While Basking In The Sun


#14 A Curly-Haired Horse


#15 My Neighbor’s House Encased In Ice After The Recent Blizzard In Ohio (On Shore Of Lake Erie)


#16 Assisted Living Facility Made To Look Like A Small 1940s American Town


#17 140 Million Year Old, 500 Kg Dinosaur Femur Discovered In France


#18 This Shower Formed Naturally Inside A Cave


#19 This Butterfly Is A Bilateral Gynandromorph, Literally Half Male, Half Female


#20 Nasa’s Photo Of Pluto


#21 I Found A Very Small Frog


#22 This Is What A “Split Lobster” Looks Like. This Coloring Occurs Once In Every 50 Million Lobsters


#23 Time Lapse Photo Of A Beehive


#24 Transparent Fish


#25 This Blue Jay Still Has Half Of Its Baby Feathers


#26 My Friend’s Giant Sunflower


#27 Me And My Girlfriend Were Walking In The Woods The Other Week And Saw A Rainbow Pool For The First Time


#28 A Clutch Of Dinosaur Eggs In A Friend’s Personal Collection. As A Dinosaur Fanatic, This Blows Me Away


#29 Fin Whale Vertebrae Beneath The Water Near Kongsfjorden, Norway


#30 A Purple Grasshopper Found In My Garden


#31 This Bicolor Sunflower I Grew


#32 Saw An Albino Buck Near My Daughter’s Daycare


#33 The Blue Java Banana, Which Is Said To Have The Same Consistency As Ice Cream And A Similar Flavor To Vanilla


#34 Customer Came In And Let Me Take A Picture Of Her Hands That Had 6 Fingers On Each


#35 Ex-World Champion Cyclist Janez Brajkovic Leg After A Race


#36 Valonia Ventricosa, The Largest Single-Celled Organism On Earth. Yep, This Is A Single Living Cell


#37 Translucent Blue Tang


#38 Cannabis Field In The Middle Of A Cornfield


#39 One Of The Oldest Rocks In Existence, The Murchison Meteorite. It’s 4,600,000,000 Years Old, And Likely Existed Before The Earth Itself Had Completely Formed


#40 This Funky Little Ribbon Cloud Outside My Plane Window

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