40 Funny, Creative And Bizarre Things That Made Us Say “Of Course That’s A Thing”

Having a boring day in this pandemic is common for almost everyone of us, right? However, we have the best solution for this boredom and that is the ‘Of Course That’s a Thing’ subreddit. where you’ll see the weird things happening around you. It’s a community with more than 723k people and when you go through their work you will feel like ‘That’s a thing’.
It is more than a phrase when it comes to your choices. Either it’s a seed in a pencil or cow ear muffs, we bet you will be rolling on the floor laughing by the end of our curated list. Scroll down below, share and enjoy with your friends, people! Don’t forget to choose your favorite ones too.

#1 The “One A Day Banana” Pack, Containing Several Bananas Of Different Ripeness So That You Can Eat Them Over Several Days. (Korea)


#2 Pencils That Can Be Planted And Grow Into Kitchen Spices When They Become To Small To Use


#3 My Mate Bought Me This For My Birthday, I Love It And Of Course It’s A Thing


#4 10/10 Would Read Again


#5 Cow Ear Muffs


#6 Thor’s Hammer Toolbox


#7 A Night Stand To Beat Up People With


#8 Catholics vs. Seedless Watermelons


#9 Brilliant


#10 Id Buy It


#11 Older Article, But Hell Ill Do It!


#12 Cosplay Meta


#13 I Need This Lazy Susan Fridge!


#14 Phone Throne


#15 Inflatable Swan Thing


#16 Typewriter For Music


#17 A 24-Hour Clock…


#18 This Floating Mug – To Eliminate Coasters


#19 Organ Plushies


#20 Because God Forbid Your Cat’s Butthole Is Exposed!


#21 The Much Awaited Sequel


#22 Sneaker Raincoats


#23 Burrito Blanket


#24 A Rubik’s Cube That Doubles As A Treasure Chest. It Only Opens When Solved


#25 Portland Airport Sells Socks And Other Merchandise To Match It’s Carpet


#26 Minimalist Nativity Sets


#27 The Internet Is Leaking Into Real Life


#28 A Punchable Enter Key


#29 Dead Battery? No Worries


#30 A Book To Help You Have Those Tough Talks With Your Cat


#31 This Place Offers A Trump Pizza—half Mexican, Half Bacon-Cheeseburger, Separated By A Wall Of Mozzarella Sticks


#32 Somebody Paid To Promote Their Dog


#33 For People Who Want To Smell Cat Poop But Not Be Able To Find It


#34 Why Tomatoes


#35 Why Would Someone Sit Down And Make This?


#36 This Magnetic Cookie Dunker


#37 The Atlantic Ocean Has Been Rated 3.9 Stars On Google Maps


#38 A Pure White Puzzle


#39 That Escalated Quickly


#40 Found At Walmart


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