40 Photos That Prove Victorians Weren’t As Serious And Prude As We Thought

For everything that’s changed in the decades since the rule of Queen Victoria, there’s one thing that definitely hasn’t changed: people are still seriously messed up, just in different sorts of ways. Yes, it’s true that by the time Victoria took the throne, the world probably felt it had graduated from the Dark Ages and the Middle Ages to become all civilized and modern. However, in reality, things were quite different. The Victorian era was seriously nuts. May that’s the reason that they were all so serious in photographs? Well, the listed below rare vintage photos prove, that wasn’t always the case. Some of the Victorian people really knew how to have fun (h/t: whizzpast) . Scroll on to check them out and enjoy peeps!

#1 A Victorian Couple Trying Not To Laugh While Getting Their Portraits Done, 1890s


#2 Cakewalk Dance


#3 A Unique Tea Setting For Two


#4 A Snow Lady, 1892


#5 Unusual Portrait Of A Victorian Lady, 1840


#6 Three Fashionable Young Men At Yale, 1883


#7 Awkward Family Photo, Victorian Edition


#8 Tsar Nicholas II Goofing Around, 1899


#9 Vintage Humor


#10 Piggy Nose


#11 Men And Women Cross Dress In This Silly Victorian Snap, 1880-1900


#12 Say That Again, And I’ll Dip You In, 1897


#13 Unknown Victorian In Mid-jump


#14 Vacation Sports At The Seaside


#15 Richard Freiherr Von Krafft-Ebing


#16 The Victorians From France


#17 Courting In The 1800s Never Looked Better


#18 This Is As Close To A Victorian Selfie As It’s Going To Get


#19 Tsar Nicholas II Goofing Around, 1899


#20 Smiling Victorians


#21 Smiling Little Girls


#22 Victorians Pulling Face, 1900


#23 Smiling Victorians, 1900s


#24 Victorians, 1800s


#25 Tsar Nicholas II, 1899


#26 Men Dressed In Drag In The Victorian Era


#27 Fashion Victorians Women, 19th Century


#28 A Smiling Queen Victoria In An Open Coach, 1892


#29 Smiling Victorian, 1800s


#30 Miss Barton Dressed In A Late Victorian Tennis Outfit


#31 Man Pulling A Funny Face


#32 A Woman Riding A ‘scorcher’, A Victorian Bicycle, In St James’ Park, London


#33 Smiling Victorian Servants


#34 Kid Pulling A Funny Face


#35 A Group Of Smiling Edwardians


#36 Man Pulling A Comical Face, 1900


#37 A Group Of Women To Celebrate The Centenary Of The London Bus


#38 Gibson Girls


#39 Evelyn Winchester


#40 The 20th Century Victorian Man With Banishing Woman


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