40 Pics Of “Liminal Spaces” That Gave Us An Unsettling Feeling

The human brain is quite a complex thing to understand. Even scientists of today have accepted this fact. There are thousands of things circling inside the brain and one of them is memory. Many times in our lives we have experienced situations that appear like all of it has already happened before. Well, r/LiminalSpace subreddit defines it as “Liminal Space”. Yes, people! if you have ever felt that you were there and yet you are not sure about it, then you are placing yourself in “Liminal space”. Scroll down below and have a look at these 40 pics of slightly Liminal spaces that will blow your mind. Enjoy peeps!

#1 Uniformed Forest


#2 A Phone Box In Snow


#3 2020


#4 No No No. Not Good


#5 Picture I Took A Few Years Ago In Poland


#6 It’s Christmas Eve And You’re All Alone


#7 Well, That’s Not A Good Sign…


#8 Don’t Turn The Corner


#9 Google Maps Said This Is Where I Can Find Taco Bell, And I Just Realized That The Last Car I Saw Was An Hour Ago…


#10 Stay On The Light. They Won’t Be Able To Get You If You’re On The Light


#11 It’s Not Safe To Go Outside But Inside Feels Haunted


#12 The Oval Office Between Us Presidents


#13 The Liquid Void


#14 This Memory Belongs To Everybody And Nobody


#15 The Entrance To The Infinity Pool. Once You Enter, There Is No Going Back


#16 Lemme Get Some Uhhhhhhh


#17 My Grandmother’s Basement


#18 Only A Faint Hum And My Footsteps Can Be Heard.


#19 The International Space Station At Night


#20 Pool Tunnels


#21 The Lower I Go, The Higher The Water Gets


#22 Empty Aquarium Restaurant, Made Me Feel Sad And Empty For Some Reason


#23 My Friend Was Tested For Covid, This Is The Room He Waited In


#24 No No No No No No No


#25 Aesthetic Liminality


#26 View From The Laundry Room Looks Fake


#27 Dust And Laundry


#28 Feels Like I Shouldn’t Turn Around. Just Keep Walking


#29 Waiting The Turn


#30 The Exam Will Take Place Down The Hall And To The Left, Good Luck


#31 Bliss


#32 Blue Aesthetic


#33 Driving To The Airport


#34 Found An Artist Doing Some Pure Liminal


#35 An Old Pic I Forgot I Had On My Phone


#36 Sandy Desert


#37 A Nice Place To Make A Best Friend That You’ll Never See Again


#38 Railway


#39 Hello? I’m Here For The Conference


#40 8821

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