40 Pics Where More Interesting Things Are Happening In The Background

Backgrounds are important, and if you do not believe us, you must have never seen hilarious photobombs. This is probably one of the reasons why the Academy Awards give Oscars to supporting actors as well. Some of the best things happen in the background that we usually don’t notice. Imagine you are taking a selfie, and Queen Elizbeth decide to pop up out of nowhere. In this post, we have 40 such examples when the background of photos was better than the foreground. Continue scrolling and check them out, people! Share this post with your friends as well.


#1 Hollywood Smile


#2 Queen Elizabeth Deciding To Join In On Australian Field Hockey Player Jayde Taylor’s Selfie


#3 It’s Behind Me… Isn’t It?


#4 Kid In Background Of News Report Gets Stuck In His Lifejacket


#5 Noooo!


#6 The Old Lady Is A Slash Fan, But She Doesn’t Know Slash Is Standing Behind Her


#7 Best Accidental Photobomb Ever


#8 Well That’s An Impressive Photobomb


#9 Took A Picture Of A Man And Daughter At A Coffee Shop To Show Them What They Would Look Like In 10 Years


#10 Not Everyone Had A Greatest Night…


#11 Got A Picture With Woody In Times Square…


#12 We’re So Happy Fiona Could Be There On Our Special Day


#13 Took A Picture With My Friends, Later Noticed The Cops In The Background


#14 He Looks Stunning


#15 My Sister Was Taking Pictures Of My Nephew At School And The Little Guy In The Back Looks Miserable


#16 Selfie Photo Bomb… Nailed It


#17 My Daughter Thought This Was Her. Bonus: My Son In The Background


#18 Cheerleading Practice


#19 Tim Duncan’s Accidental Photobomb


#20 Cute Couple Picture


#21 I’m Pretty Sure They Don’t Even Know Each Other


#22 Leaning Tower Of Pisa


#23 Unicorns Aren’t The Only Things That Poop Rainbows…


#24 Photo Bombed By Batman


#25 On Vacation In California With My Best Friend And Took A Picture With Perfect Timing


#26 Horses, Such Elegant Creatures


#27 The Best Picture I Have Ever Taken


#28 Largest Photobomb Ever?


#29 Halloween 1989. That’s Me On The Right. My Sister Is Behind Me And About To Have A Really Bad Day


#30 That’s A Cemetery In The Background


#31 My Friend Caught The Bouquet. That Is Her Boyfriend In The Background


#32 I Was Trying To Take A Nice Photo Of My Cat When I Noticed The Neighbours Cat In The Background


#33 A Lady’s Hairdo In The Background Makes It Look Like Chewbacca Is Lurking


#34 My Son Has Conquered The Photobomb


#35 Some Friends Took A Picture And Later Realized That The People In The Background Were Stuffing A Baby In A Cannon


#36 Just Found This Cute Picture Of Me And My Cousin, And My Psycho Brother In The Background


#37 Monopoly Man In Background During Equifax Senate Hearing


#38 Baby Photobomb


#39 Groom’s Sister Passed Out At The Exact Moment The Judge Said “You May Kiss The Bride”


#40 I Took This Picture Trying To Get A Fun Candid Of The Bride And Groom. Best Choice Ever

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