40 Pictures That Made Us Slightly Uncomfortable Just By Looking At Them

According to the American scientist Alan Lightman, human brains actually strive to see things symmetrically. “The reason must be partly psychological,” he says. “Symmetry represents order, and we crave order in this strange universe.” The wings on a butterfly. The vaulted ceiling of a cathedral. They all sound a little too good, right? But, broken patterns or things that don’t line up trigger irritation points in our minds. Scroll on to see our compiled list of photos that are so uncomfortable you won’t reach the end. We bet you’ll mutter “aaarrgh” at every one of them. However, if you have a severe case of OCD, proceed at your own risk because this post can make not so perfectionist among us quite irritated. Have fun wink.

#1 This Guys Laptop On My Flight


#2 Seriously… Whose Idea was This?


#3 This Grass Grew Right Through My Aloe


#4 I Took A Ride In A Triangular Elevator Today


#5 This Door In North London Makes Me Hideously Uncomfortable


#6 Been Living Here For 5 Years, Only Noticed Today…Time To Move


#7 I Think This Would Make Me Feel Uncomfortable


#8 Parking Lot In Romania


#9 This Makes Me Uncomfortable


#10 When Pencils Do This Garbage


#11 This Sink Is Out Of Sync


#12 Had A Friendsgiving Last Night. I Forgot I’m Friends With Wild Animals


#13 Stockholm


#14 My Moms Copy Of Fifty Shades Of Grey. I Dare Not Look At What Those Bookmarks Represent


#15 My Loaf Of Bread Was Sliced The Wrong Way


#16 This Toilet Stall Has An Elevator Inside


#17 Was About To Bite Into This Today. And Then I Saw It


#18 This Stock Image Of A Girl Soldering Her Hand


#19 My Smoke Detector Caught On Fire


#20 This Guy’s Earbuds Situation Is Bothering Me On A Deep Personal Level


#21 My Aunt’s Hand Soap Is Way Too Literal And Makes Me Uncomfortable


#22 This Strawberry’s Seeds Started Sprouting While It Was Still On The Plant


#23 One Job. You Had One Job


#24 This Sliced Ham Looks Like It’s Out Of Focus


#25 This Stovetop


#26 The Way These Pictures Are Hung In The Hallway At Work


#27 When “Erasers” Do This


#28 I Think This Speaks For Itself


#29 I Found A Pool Above The Sidewalk Today


#30 At My Friend’s Apartment. I Think It Bothers Me More That This Doesn’t Bother Her


#31 My Tomato Sprouted


#32 Not Exactly The Colour Pattern You Like To See In A Bathroom


#33 Off The Glass



#34 None Of My Neighbor’s Windows Match


#35 The Seat Is Smaller Than The Bowl


#36 This Makes Me Uncomfortable


#37 Just.. Just.. Oh FFS


#38 My Son’s Toothpaste, Ugh


#39 This Makes Me Uncomfortable


#40 These Benches


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