40 ‘Redneck Engineering’ Solutions To Problems That Actually Worked

Solutions can be found everywhere. You just need to be passionate about solving the problem. Who says the solutions have to be hi-tech or complicated? You can even get away with stupid hacks as long as they get the job done, don’t you agree? Well, even if you don’t, 423K other people on  ‘Redneck Engineering!’ surely does! The community stormed the internet since being founded in 2013. The group collects the most bizarre and hilarious-looking DIY solutions to many of life’s problems. Scroll on to check out some of our favorites from their collection and enjoy peeps!

#1 An Upside Down Umbrella Keeps All Your Tools And Fittings From The Bottom Of The Ocean


#2 Damn, That’s A Clean Duct Tape Paint Job


#3 Just Don’t Bring It To The Boil


#4 Does This Count? Seen In Devon


#5 Rain Shower Heads Are Not Cheap So


#6 Homemade Alarm System


#7 Old Boat As Pool


#8 I See Nothing Wrong With This


#9 Think Smart


#10 Now That’s One Well Engineered Redneck Wood Pile


#11 When Someone Buys You A Bath Bomb And You Only Have A Shower


#12 This Took A Good Year Or Two To Make


#13 Hello And Welcome To Poland


#14 7 Wheels Are Better Than 4?


#15 Slavic Redneck Piping


#16 How To Do Laundry While Living In A Vehicle. Available Programs; Off-Road, Highway And City


#17 How To Truck Camp In The Winter (Found In Local Classified)


#18 Mad Angler With Mad Homemade Vessel


#19 I Give You The Double Decker Sofa. Ideal For Game Night With The Guys


#20 The Ultimate Defense


#21 It Caught On Fire Last Year. But This Year I Give You Portable Fire Pit 2.0


#22 When You Forget Your Spoon At Home


#23 No Toaster? No Problem


#24 Found This One


#25 Stick Fix


#26 This Dude Was Towing A Shed With A Lawnmower


#27 Seen At A Hospital In Argentina, Latin American Countries Are A Goldmine For These


#28 I Took A Free Broken Laptop And Hooked It Up To A Monitor, Used The Monitor Box As The Holder. Been Using It Daily For Almost A Year No Problems


#29 My Dad Sends Me A Picture Whenever He Uses The Turkey Fryer I Bought Him. Today, He’s Seemingly Cooking For The Guys At His Shop With The Help Of A 30t Overhead Crane


#30 Okay, Sir, I Fixed Your Air Conditioner


#31 So… The Analog Stick’s Head Broke And I End Up Gluing A Cork From A Wine Bottle… I Like It


#32 Found This On Denton, Texas Facebook Group


#33 Found This In The Wild


#34 My Brain Is Hurting From Looking At This


#35 Very Nice Shoe Dryer Prototype For You Guys


#36 Handmade Hoverboard


#37 Less ‘Redneck’ More Of A Nutcase. Reposted From ‘Denveruxer’


#38 I Wanted An Outdoor Super Bowl Party, But I Threw Away The TV Stand Long Ago


#39 Red Neck Hot Tub Goals… Yes This Is My Basement


#40 Old Sheep Skin I Use To Keep The Controls From Freezing On My Garbage Truck. Works Like A Freaking Champ!

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