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40 Unfortunate And Hilarious Toy Design Fails

Every child on this planet has a mysteriously strong inclination towards toys. The toy industry might be the only one that never faces any loss as parents want the best for their kids. However, remember that not all toys are appropriate for your innocent little angels. Yes, folks, some toy designers cross all the barriers and designs the most absurd toys that aren’t suitable for kids at all. In this post, we have listed ridiculous toy design fails that will make you laugh out loud. These photos will surely make you laugh as much as they will make you cringe. Scroll on and enjoy, peeps.

#1 My Dog Destroyed Her Toy Cactus, And There Was Another Sad Cactus Inside

Image source: jpellizzi

#2 Chinese Toy

Image source: mgnthng

#3 This Unfortunately Designed Kid’s Balloon

Image source: ViolentThespian

#4 When Designer Is Tired Of Drawing

#5 My Four-Legged Duck

Image source: Brillito

#6 My Little Sister’s Toy Looks Like It Just Smoked Itself Into A New Era

Image source: TittySprinkles44

#7 Why ??

Image source: lskoch5

#8 Cinderella’s Nose Job Didn’t Go As Planned

Image source: dagrass

#9 Austria. Home Of Kangaroos And Deserts

Image source: moonyprowl

#10 This Fantastic Toy

Image source: nnovl

#11 These Figurines

Image source: TauBone

#12 Go Home, Belle, You’re Drunk

#13 Shhh… It’ll Be Over Soon

Image source: fredrick99

#14 Prevent Your Kid From Being Afraid Of The Dark

Image source: Brilliant999

#15 Hmmm

Image source: vilapon

#16 I Don’t Remember That Part Of Sleeping Beauty

#17 You Can Shave Your Baby

Image source: sobeach

#18 My Nephew Has A Toy Dinosaur Which We Call “Sneaky Dinosaur” Because He Looks Rather F****** Sneaky

Image source: Itsajamesday

#19 If Santa’s Late, You’ll Know Why

Image source: nickyjanefeenie

#20 I Am A Sweet Baby. Let’s Have Fun Together

#21 Winnie The Pooh

Image source: pheromonekvlt

#22 In The Disney Villains Deck Of Playing Cards, The Queen Of Hearts Is The Three Of Clubs

Image source: PingPongPresident

#23 You Had One Job

#24 Paw Concentration Camp

Image source: rabidJaql

#25 What

Image source: comicbook_ads

#26 This Toy

Image source: Krzyszu

#27 Hey, Should We Paint The Bottle White? Nah, Leave It Flesh Coloured

Image source: dadcastuk

#28 This Toy Is Having An Identity Crisis

Image source: AshVasquez

#29 Children’s Toys Are Getting More And More Realistic

Image source: Hallucinado

#30 My Wife Bought These Baby Toys… Little Worried About Them

Image source: The_Dude_IRL

#31 How Many Noses Does This Guy Really Need?

Image source: knucklebater

#32 The Description On This Toy’s Packaging Is Brutally Honest

Image source: Mc237269

#33 Harry, You Look So Real!

#34 Classic Batman Squirt Gun… Really?!

Image source: sgodar

#35 I Imagine The Designer Giggling The Whole Time

Image source: Swiss_Cheese9797

#36 This Is Why I Like To Go To My Local Dollar Shop And To The Toys Section

Image source: bottleleg

#37 ‘Real Life’ Expression On A Doll

Image source: HufflepuffHomey

#38 So My Mother Had A Doll Made Based Off Of A Picture Of Me As A Baby

Image source: sweathesmallshit

#39 Wolverine Inflatable Toy

Image source: JeepersMedia

#40 Who Is Responsible For This Monstrosity?





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