40 Wholesome Pics To Reignite Your Optimism In These Dark And Sad Times

2020 has been a cursed year so far. The chilly and dark year has entered its 9th month, and no one knows what’s waiting for us ahead. Luckily, human beings have the capability to do amazing things that boost the confidence of others and make them feel warm and fuzzy inside. So, if you think the world is dark and sad these days, the photos listed below might help you in reigniting your optimism. Yes, peeps, scroll on, and check out some of the most wholesome stories from across the world. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and make them feel better.

#1 The Good Son

#2 Helping Out Kids Without Fathers


#3 Today Oliver Stopped Me Dead In His Tracks And Turned Back Around To See This Picture That He Spotted! He Just Stared At It In Awe

He recognized another boy like him, smiling and laughing on a display at Target. Oliver sees kids every day, but he never gets to see kids like him. This was amazing! I am so happy that other kids that pass through here with their parents, will see this! There is a lot of focus on representing diversity, but representing people with disabilities is just as important


#4 Wholesome Old Black Lady


#5 A Wholesome Flex


#6 It’s The Little Things


#7 Uncle Looks So Happy


#8 Sadio Mane, The Liverpool Star Earning Approximately $10.2M Per Year Has Given The World A Lesson In Modesty After Some Fans Spotted Him Carrying A Cracked iPhone


#9 My Dad Hasn’t Painted In Over 30 Years. Now That He’s Retired He Decided To Pick Up A Brush Again


#10 I Love You Mom


#11 Spotted In Manchester, UK


#12 I Told My Grandma I Was Bisexual A Few Weeks Ago And Today She Gave Me This. My Grandma Made Me A Rainbow Sweater


#13 After Almost 2 Years Of Dealing With Traumas And Depression I Finally Got The Motivation To Clean My Room Entirely


#14 Not All Heroes Wear Capes


#15 Thanks Frankie’s East Aside Restaurant For Doing The Right Thing


#16 Single Dad In Thailand Wore A Dress To A Mother’s Day Event For His Sons So That They Didn’t Feel Left Out


#17 Hearing The Words From Love


#18 And All Of Those 12 People Are Happy For You


#19 Doctors Told Us To Make Preparations For Losing Her, But After 5 Brain Surgeries My Baby Had Her First Disney Trip At 3 Years Old


#20 Dr. Mohamed Mashali Was A Well-Known Doctor Based In The Northern Egypt. He Was Awarded With The Title “Doctor Of The Poor” For Serving His Community For Over 50 Years

Mohammed Mashali once found a child that suffered from diabetes and needed insulin shot but couldn’t afford them, so he asked his mother to buy him some. Sadly his mother could not afford them either and the child passed away. After this, he moved to one of the poorest countries and began treating medical patients free of charge. He passed away on July 28, 2020. Days before his death he was still helping everyone he could


#21 He Guarded A Bird With Broken Wing Under My Truck For Four Days Before It Could Fly Off

Had to bring them both food and water because he refused to leave its side day and night, very proud of him


#22 I Live In My Van. Found This On My Windshield This Morning


#23 I Too Got Vaccinated Despite Having Anti-Vax Parents. Finally Got My Last Immunization Shot


#24 Lost My Car Key While Jogging On The Rail Trail, Went Back Looking For It And Stumbled Upon This. I Owe My Whole Soul To Whoever Did This


#25 The Left One Is My Art. Found The Drawing On The Right In My Little Brother’s Room One Day


#26 Don’t Forget To Appreciate Your Grannies


#27 Well Done IKEA


#28 Me In First Grade Pre Surgery vs. Me In 2020

Had several surgeries due to birth defects. Just completed the dental treatment (which included having my jaw wired shut for several months). Very happy with the results


#29 My Son And His Best Friend, Both Told Their Survival Rate Would Be Around 2%, Walked The Stage And Graduated Tonight


#30 Autism Be Damned My Boy Can Work A Grill


#31 Role Model Mom


#32 My Little Brother Has Autism. He Turned 17 Today. I Came Home From Work To This Note


#33 My Brother Was The First To Graduate With A Master’s In My Family. My Dad Couldn’t Stop Crying


#34 Kind Heart


#35 This Kind Gesture


#36 My 101-Year-Old Grandfather Threw A 100th Birthday Party For His Best Friend, Bob


#37 I Asked My Mum To Make Me A Face Mask. I Guess Even After 40 Years I’m Still Her Little Boy


#38 Same Bike, Same Place, Same Girl. 71 Years Difference


#39 The Docs Gave My Son A 10% Chance To Survive His CHD. He Is 6 Months Old Today And Thriving


#40 Such A Wholesome Sister

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