Brilliant And Creative Design Ideas That Left Us Impressed (40 Pics)

There are so many great-looking designs on the internet. They stand out, not because they are designed by famous designers, but because they are designed quite well by people with creative minds. We all know that a brilliant design has to satisfy certain criteria, not only in terms of being functional but also psychological and aesthetic. And keeping this concept, we have curated some prime examples of human ingenuity that will leave you in awe. So, get ready to be amazed and scroll on to check them out. We bet you’ll really enjoy the beauty of these designs. Don’t forget to share with others!

#1 Carpet Patterned Street


#2 Itsukushima Shinto Shrine Appears On The Dish When Sauce Is Poured On It


#3 This College Made A Water Bottle With A Map Of The Campus On It. It Also Shows Places Where You Can Fill It Up


#4 This Benjamin Franklin Mug I Just Got With A Slot To Make The End Of Your Tea Bag The Kite


#5 The Bollards Outside This School In Dublin Look Like Pencils


#6 A Skate Shop & A Butcher Shop Are Located Next To Each Other. They Share One Sign


#7 The Logo On My Umbrella Only Shows Up When Wet


#8 This Is Beautiful


#9 This Crane Has Giraffe Print


#10 This Bench That Looks Like A Book


#11 My Friend’s House Key Is Shaped Like A Sword


#12 My Raincoat Reveals A Floral Pattern When Wet


#13 The Inside Of The Pizza Box Was A Tuxedo


#14 This Bench Is Made From A Curled-Up Paving Stone


#15 This Barbie Doll With Vitiligo


#16 National Geographic Gallery Uses Its Logo As A Door Handle


#17 I Have A Clock Where The Numbers Rotate Rather Than The Hands


#18 My Space-Saving Cat Tower


#19 This Brand Of Coffee Changes The Design For Decaffeinated Coffee


#20 Astronomical Makeup Palette


#21 This Swiss Bottled Water


#22 The Air Vents On A Subway In Stockholm Have A Hidden Pacman Easter Egg


#23 The Wolf On This Van Has Eyes Which Light Up With The Brake Lights


#24 My Husband’s Fully Reflective Iridescent Rain Set


#25 This Whale Tissue Dispenser


#26 You Can “Light” And “Extinguish” The Flames On The Menorah


#27 A Wet Floor Sign In The Shape Of A Shark Fin


#28 There’s A Skatepark Shaped Like Bacon And Eggs An Hour Out Of Seattle


#29 The Handle To This Knife Shop Door Is Also A Knife


#30 A Bench In The Library Of Alexandria


#31 My Desk Notes Are On A Tiny Shipping Pallet


#32 An Ashtray That Gives A Visual Representation Of The Negative Effects Of Smoking Cigarettes


#33 The Pills Which Help Regulate My Heart Rate Are Shaped Like Hearts


#34 Fork At The Eiffel Tower Is The Eiffel Tower


#35 This Subway Train Has Clouds On The Ceiling To Look Like The Sky


#36 A Little Crab Pen Holder I Found In Tokyo


#37 The Blossoms On My LEGO Bonsai Are Small Frogs


#38 This Jar Is Shaped To Look Like A Ziplock Bag


#39 Here’s A Street Lamp That Was Designed To Look Like A Paintbrush


#40 Our Wedding Bands Are Laser Engraved With Each Other’s Fingerprint

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