Egregious Product Packagings That Are Funny If Not Infuriating (40 Pics)

It is very rightly said that “First impression is the last impression”. It’s a slogan that today’s business community follows to boost their sales especially through packaging. That’s why they like to portray the marketing efficiency of their brand through it. However, most of the time it ends hilariously if slackness is a factor. The the r/EgregiousPackaging subreddit, community has depicted this brilliantly. So if you are going to start a business or work in any packaging industry, this post is meant for you. Scroll down below and go through our list of 40 images of bad product packaging that will put a smile on your face. Enjoy peeps and don’t forget to share!

#1 My Friend Ordered Earrings From Fabfitfun. Just Earrings


#2 Sephora At It Again For A .05oz Concealer


#3 Ordered Biodegradable Bamboo Toothbrushes From A Zero Waste Store – Came In 100% Non-Degradable Bubble Wrap And Plastic Bags


#4 Not Sure If This Counts, But This Is For Only Three Things At CVS


#5 Soda Cans Are Very Fragile


#6 Plastic Packaging For A Cd Disk……but Without A Cd Disk In It


#7 [screw] Drinking Straws – This Is The Kind Of Plastic Use We Should Be Protesting


#8 Just Why?


#9 Matryoshka Allergy Relief


#10 My Father Ordered 15 Fence Posts… Legends Tell Of A Second Truck, Out There Somewhere Going To Deliver The Last One


#11 Individually Wrapped Jellybeans


#12 Really Glad My Made From Recycled Materials & Biodegradable Sponges Came Wrapped Together And Individually In Plastic


#13 Hypocrites At Sobeys Grocery Store In Halifax Ns


#14 Chocolate Air


#15 Chipotle’s “Fruit Cup”


#16 An Office Supply Company Bubble-Wrapped Their Bubble Wrap


#17 Individually Wrapped Vegetables In A Vietnamese Supermarket


#18 Ordered 27 Books From Amazon On A Single Order. Got 27 Boxes With 1 Book Each Delivered


#19 Disposable Phone Chargers


#20 Really… Amazon…


#21 Individually Packaged Slice Of Bread


#22 Must Have Been Out Of Envelopes


#23 So I Only Get This Much Actual Cream?


#24 Big Box For A Small Bottle With Only Enough Pills To Fill The Cap. Lame


#25 Just… Why?


#26 If Only Shallots Had Natural Layers Of Protection From Their Environment. Thanks, Walmart And Suppliers


#27 There Was Nothing In This Box But A Card And Packing Material


#28 When You Run Out Of Small Boxes At The Package Station But If You Go Get More You’re Pack Rate Percentage Will Go Into The Yellow


#29 Peeled Avocados Wrapped In Plastic


#30 I Find This Disgusting, Lazy, And So Damn Harmful To Both The Environment And The Consumer’s Psyche…


#31 Buddy Bought Two Mini Cast Irons From Amazon


#32 Ordered 150 Washers. This Is How They Were Packaged


#33 Not Only Is It Egregious, But It’s Infuriating


#34 I Bought A Nail File


#35 For Crying Out Loud…


#36 Hopefully 2020 Brings Less Of This


#37 Hi Y’all, Im A Designer At Tic-Tac. Hope You Enjoy Our Newest Optimized Design For Tic-Tacs!


#38 This 0.7 Ml Dogs’ Anti-Flea And Anti-Tick Drops Straight Out Of The Box


#39 Because Mascara Is Fragile. Thanks Sephora!


#40 Ordered A Tube Of Thermal Paste


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