Instagram Account Combines Giant Cats With Brutalist Architecture

If there is one thing humans envy about cats, it is their amazing
ability to relax and sit at any time in any place, no matter how
strange or uncomfortable looking. However, imagine if cats were huge giants then what would happen? Well, it would become quite problematic don’t you agree? And that’s why Emily Battaglia, Madelaine Ong, and Michaela Senay’s Instagram account shows perfectly what would happen if cats suddenly blew up our cities shrunk. Scroll on to check out our favorites from their collection. These cat-zillas taking over the brutalist architecture are the most spectacular examples around the world. Take a look and enjoy peeps!

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#1 “Musical Island”, Villa-Lobos State Park; Decio Tozzi, 1989, São Paulo, Brazil


#2 Central Post Office; Janko Konstantinov, 1982, Skopje, Macedonia


#3 Textile Centre; Chee Soon Wah, 1974, Kallang, Singapore


#4 Rivergate Tower; Harry Wolf, 1988, Tampa, Florida


#5 Milwaukee Police Administration Building; 1971, Milwaukee, Wisconsin


#6 U-House; Toyo Itob, 1977 D. 1988, Tokyo, Japan


#7 Palácio Da Justiça; Oscar Niemeyer, 1962, Brasilia, Brazil


#8 Mondadori Group Headquarters; Oscar Niemeyer, 1975, Milan, Italy


#9 Tate & Lyle Sugar Silo; Stuart Stephenson, 1957, Liverpool, England


#10 Omsk Musical Theatre; Lurie, Strigun And Belousova, 1981, Omsk Oblast, Russia


#11 The Rock, Brown University Library; Warner, Burns, Toan & Lunde, 1964, Providence, Rhode Island


#12 Dr Seo’s Women’s Clinic Building (Atrium Office Building); Chung-Up Kim, 1967, Seoul, Korea


#13 Ohio History Center; Ireland & Associates, 1970, Columbus, Ohio


#14 Montreal Olympic Stadium; Roger Taillibert, 1976, Montreal, Canada


#15 Sesc Pompéia; Lina Bo Bardi, 1982, São Paulo, Brazil


#16 “Bublik” Apartment Complex; Eugene Stamo, 1972, Moscow, Russia


#17 Cirqua Apartments; BKK Architects, 2017, Melbourne, Australia


#18 Rozenburg Wind Wall; Maarten Struijs, 1985, Rozenburg, Netherlands


#19 Shri Ram Center For Art And Culture; Shiv Nath Prasad & Mahendra Raj, 1969, New Delhi, India


#20 Orange County Government Center; Paul Rudolph, 1963, Goshen, New York


#21 Marina City; Bertrand Goldberg, 1964-68, Chicago, Illinois


#22 Milwaukee County War Memorial Center; Eero Saarinen, 1957, Milwaukee, Wisconsin


#23 Kojomkul Sports Palace; V. Kostin And V. Marukov, 1974, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan


#24 Salute Hotel; Avraam Miletsky, N. Slogotskaya, Vladimir Shevchenko, 1984, Kyiv, Ukraine


#25 Torre Dorrego; Luis T. Caffarini, Alfredo Joselevich, & Alberto Ricur, 1968 – 1970, Buenos Aires, Argentina


#26 Bruder-Klaus Field Chapel; Peter Zumthor, 2007, Mechernich, Germany


#27 Ponte City Apartments; Manfred Hermer, 1975, Johannesburg, South Africa


#28 Hotel Panorama Resort; Zdeněk Řihák, 1969, Štrbské Pleso, Slovakia


#29 Crosley Tower, University At Cincinnati; A.M. Kinney Associates, 1969, Cincinnati, Ohio


#30 Endo Pharmaceuticals Building; Paul Rudolph, 1962 – 1964, Garden City, Long Island, United States


#31 Deaton Sculptured House; Charles Deaton, 1963, Genesee, Colorado


#32 Australian High Commission; Leong Thian And Rakan Rakan, 1978, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


#33 Habitat 67; Moshe Safdie, 1967, Montreal, Quebec


#34 Hôtel Du Lac; Raffaele Contigiani, 1973,tunis, Tunisia


#35 Monument Ilinden; Jordan And Iskra Grabuloski, 1974, Krushevo, Macedonia


#36 Templo De La Dolorosa; Milton Barragán Dumet, 1978, Quito, Ecuador


#37 Former Sears Office Building; Maxwell Miller, 1971, Toronto, Canada


#38 Mube (Museu Brasileiro Da Escultura E Ecologia); Paulo Mendes Da Rocha, 1995, São Paulo, Brazil


#39 The Alley Theatre; Ulrich Franzen, 1968, Houston, Texas


#40 Cathedral Of Brasilia; Oscar Niemeyer, 1970, Brasilia, Brazil

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