40 People Who Had An Unlucky Day And Pics To Prove It

Our conventional wisdom says that luck is a matter of chance, similar to rolling a pair of dice. It’s true that some people are born with advantages or events that make them the lucky ones in comparison to the unlucky individuals. However, thanks to the subreddit r/FacePalm, the unlucky souls out there got an opportunity to become famous on the internet for facing their unfortunate and embarrassing moments. Scroll on to check out some of the top ones from their collection and enjoy peeps! We bet you’ll count yourself the luckiest by the end of this post!

#1 Get Out, Dennis


#2 This Guy Has Had It Rough


#3 Kitty Found A Comfy Bed


#4 This Pedestrian In Particular


#5 F You Joe


#6 Oh Lord


#7 You Suck Gregg


#8 In 1998, Honduras Built A Bridge Over The Choluteca River, But Hurricane Mitch Rerouted The River


#9 Nailed It. Literally


#10 I Guess The Tree Can’t Afford A Lawyer


#11 The Biggest Bruh Moment In History

My mate took two weeks off work, went to Africa, climbed Kilimanjaro and raised over E300 grand for charity. Havinghiked and climbed for 7 days, he reached the summit and asked his guide to take a picture before his iPhone battery died because of the -25 cold. And here it is…

#12 Ancient Facepalm

In Thailand, it was considered a capital offense punishable by death if someone touched the queen. In 1880, the queen drowned when her royal boat capsized on the way to the palace. The many witnesses to the accident did not dare to tuch the queen while she was drowning

#13 Take Notes On How Flip Someone Off With Words


#14 F You Poland


#15 The Diamond In My Ring Fell Out Today. It Came With A 10 Year Workmanship Guarantee. Yesterday Was Our 10th Wedding Anniversary


#16 No Waffles For You, Biyach


#17 Mother-In-Law Just Served Me This Piece Of Cake…


#18 Lucky Nurse

Violet Jessop, a ship nurse. She served on each of the three ‘sisters’ Titanic, Britannic and Olympic. While she was on board, the Olympic collided with a war ship and nearly sank, the Titanic hit an iceberg and sank, the Britannic hit an underwater mine and sank. Violet survived all three.

#19 F**k You Steven, Not Mike, Or Jack Or Bob, Just You Steven!


#20 Soap And Eggs


#21 So This Is What My Mate Woke Up To This Morning


#22 Turtle Of Destruction


#23 This Guy In Particular


#24 The Poor Guy

A man survived the sinking of a ship in 1871, leaving him traumatized afterwards. Some forty years later, he was finally able to overcome his fears and sail again, only to die on the Titanic.

#25 How This Guy Survived Both Of The Atomic Bombs During Ww2

Tsutomu Yamaguchi was working in Hiroshimæ when the city was bombed. Surviving, he returned to his employer in Nagasaki three days later That morning, while being berated by his supervisor as “crazy” after describing how a single bomb had destroyed Hiroshima, the second atomic bomb hit Nagasaki. Yamaguchi survived again, and is the only known survivor of both bombinqs.

#26 Tom, Everyone Knows


#27 This Kinda Cracked Me Up


#28 Every Time


#29 I Feel Like Somebody Got Fired


#30 Unlucky


#31 Picked The Wrong Parking Spot


#32 Yeet


#33 “Hey Honey We’re Gonna Be On The Front Page”. The Front Page:


#34 Opened A Can Of Beans To Find No Beans At All


#35 Poor John.


#36 Putting That One Single Yelper On Blast


#37 Yeah F*ck You Danielle


#38 Man Deadn’t


#39 Poor Girl


#40 F**k Nadine In Particular

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