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Little Girl’s Halloween Costume Is So Terrifying It Scared Away Other Kids

Just like every year, the world has celebrated Halloween with complete enthusiasm. Spooky gatherings, Trick-or-treats, creepy costumes – it is surely the best time of the year. In this eerie night, there’s always this feeling that every cool costume has been tried before. So, there is a natural competition in wearing the creepiest costumes. A little Taiwanese girl has absolutely nailed the even with a horrific headless costume. We have collected some photos that will give you nightmares. Scroll down and check them out, peeps. These photos are so realistic that if you ever encounter this little girl, she may give you a heart attack.


#1 Proud dad Stoprain Wang shared some photos and videos of her daughter’s Headless Halloween costume


#2 While it’s all about “style” with Halloween costumes, this particular one is also “substance”


#3 The costume is essentially a headless body, the head of which is held in the girl’s “costume hands”




#5 But also, the trick here is that she collects the candy effortlessly—people simply throw it into her neck hole






#8 People were throwing candy by the handfuls, and all she had to do was walk around from person to person


#9 The posted pictures received over 17,000 shares while the video garnered over 1.8 million views



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