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Memes And Tweets That Are Funny And Sad At The Same Time (30 Pics)

Humans over the course of our evolution developed humor as a defence/coping mechanism to deal with stressful situations. People find humor even during wartime, in death and other tragedies, not because they are insane but humor helps them cope with the stressful situation. Now with the advent of the internet it has become possible for people to find humor in their own own tragedies and stressful situations and share them with wider world as well so we can all collectively feel sad and also see the funny side of it. Below we’ve compiled such tweets and memes that evoke a sense sadness but is funny at the same time. Enjoy the tweets and memes and if possible leave your own sad yet funny stories in the comment section.


2. American Theft


4. When Americans find out how affordable healthcare is outside the states

5. America first VS Socialism

6. Thats’s capitalism for you

7. Very rare photos of US Army seizing WMD in Iraq

8. free if you are under a specified income

9. But we’ve have freedom




12. Hard to justify not doing it

13. I am the main breadwinner of my landlord’s family

14. Find a better shrink

15. Pain and suffering


17. Can’t win

18. Happens every night

19. A vicious cycle

20. Take the deal, Christy

21. We live in a very unequal society

22. Let them eat cake

23. Oddly familiar

24. “Science flies you to the moon, religion flies you into buildings”





29. If the US had affordable healthcare Spiderman wouldn’t exist


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