People In This Facebook Group Share Their Luckiest Thrift Stores Finds (40 Pics)

If you’re new to the art of thrift shopping we are warning you because hunting for pre-loved treasures is often tiring and overwhelming. However, its rewards are infinite and they overshadow the challenges. You just have to remember that thrifting can be incredibly successful only if you know how and where to look. And the people we have listed in our collection surely knew all secrets of thrifting or maybe they were just lucky wink. Scroll on to find out more and decide for yourself! Enjoy peeps!

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#1 Mini Tent Used For Display At An Outdoor Gear Store That I Found At A Flea Market. Now A Cat Bed


#2 My Daughter Was Excited About Her Thrift Store Find. I Think The Photo Definitely Is Weird And Wonderful


#3 Suitcase Wall


#4 Saw This At An Estate Sale But Couldn’t Afford It…


#5 Finally I Have Something To Share,, My Beautiful Find At Abbie Ann’s In Akron Ohio,,i Am In Love


#6 Bucket-List Buy In Indiana Last Weekend, Found On Ebay


#7 Well That’s Not Fricken Weird At All…. Watching The New Marvel Movie “Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings” And I See This. Found This In A Storage Locker Full Of Antiques Years Ago…


#8 I Found A Cat Size Couch, I Repeat, A Cat Size Couch (And It Was Only 4.99) Thanks Goodwill


#9 Started Collecting Uranium Glass About 9 Months Ago From Local Thrift Stores And Antique Shops


#10 I Found This Gorgeous Artwork At A Thrift Store In Knoxville. I Don’t Know Who The Artist Was, But I Think Freddie In The Style Of Gustav Klimt Was A Fantastic Idea


#11 Because Frames Are Therapeutic. Thrifting Them, Arranging Them And Then Arranging Them Again. Perfect, But Not


#12 Goodwill Cashier: “You Know Cinderella Is Missing Her Head, Right?” Me: “Yep! And A Hand!” *happily Pays $1.99 And Goes Home To Complete Macabre Art Project*


#13 A Lady In My Neighborhood Wanted This Out Of Her Garage And Gave It To Me So I Dusted It Off And “Fixed” It. My Buzzkill Friend Said I Ruined It By “Weirding It Up”. I Beg To Differ


#14 Found This Beautiful Stained-Glass Peacock Years Ago At A Yard Sale


#15 My Wife Saw This Lamp Creation On Facebook Marketplace And Sent It To Me Jokingly


#16 My Dad Drove By This Up On The Side Of The Road For Trash Pick Up


#17 I Bought A Dollhouse At A Garage Sale For My Daughter And I To Redecorate But Andy And Rosey (Our Foster Kittens) Are Little Freeloaders And Decided To Move In!


#18 I’ve Been Collecting Fiesta Ware For Years Now And I’ve Got The Perfect Rainbow Tea Cup Display. All Of Them Came From Thrift Stores, Antique Shops And Garage Sales Around Minnesota


#19 My Dog, Jake, In His Halloween Costume


#20 He Is From Facebook Marketplace


#21 Hey You Guys! Look What I Found At My Favourite Local Thrift Shop…its The Itty Bitty Park Bench That I Didn’t Know I Needed!


#22 I Will Always Love This Door Not Only Because Of Its Beauty


#23 A Neighbor Put This Fabulous Green Velvet Sofa Out On The Curb. It’s Mine Now


#24 Am I Too Late For The Stained Glass Train?


#25 Possibly My Favorite Vintage Purchase Ever


#26 I Might Just Have Won This Whole Weird And Wonderful Finds Game… Oscar The Grouch, Via A Buy Nothing Group On Facebook. I Love Him So Much. This Is Him In My Home


#27 Finally Found A Paper Bag Vase At Our Local Goodwill! I Was So Excited I Snatched It Up As Quickly As I Could. It Looks Different Than Most Others Ive Seen. Its Not Glossy At All And The Details In It Are Amazing. I Am In Looove With It!


#28 I Found This Horror / Gothic Couch In A Thrift Store In NYC And Had To Have It!


#29 Blue Teapot


#30 Found A Crab Purse While Thrifting. He Went Home With Me!


#31 I Kept Only A Few Things From My Late Parent’s Estate, One Being The Amber Glass Cat Decanter


#32 I Found This Vanity On Fb Marketplace


#33 My Fiancé And I Went To An Antique Store In Lake Mills, Wi And I Came Across This Beautiful Needle Point


#34 Found These Last Minute On Friday At Bellingham, Wa Value Village. They Definitely Came Home With Me


#35 A Big, Brass Hourglass I Found By A Dumpster. Not Sure Why I Need It, But Couldn’t Just Leave It There


#36 My Dad Acquired These For Me From The Museum He Works At. I Need To Get Them Hung Up, But This Is Totally Normal Bedroom Decor, Right?


#37 Found At Goodwill And It Fits My Husband Perfectly. Cats And Tacos. His Favorites


#38 Sorry For The Long Post, It’s Not Really A Strange Find, But A Great Story I Feel This Group Will Appreciate


#39 So I Was Thrift Shopping Yesterday And Came Upon This Beautiful Faberge Martini Glass Set! In A Beautiful Blue Velvet Box


#40 I Moved To Canada Last Year From The States And Got To Go To My First Yard Sales Here. I Got This Beautiful Art Nouveau Picture For One Dollar And I Am Over The Moon!

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