People Share Funny Presentations They Saw (40 Pics)

No matter how confident you are, public speaking will always remain a challenge. Many people would prefer jumping off the cliff than delivering a speech or presentation in front of a crowd. So, you have two options, either you deliver an excellent presentation, or you mess up so bad that you will remember it for the rest of your life. There is another way as well, and that is what this post is all about. We have collected photos from 40 presentations that are filled with creativity and humor, and people will certainly never forget them. Keep on scrolling and enjoy peeps!

#1 The Difference Between Urban, Suburban, And Rural


#2 Would You Agree With This Statement?


#3 This Is Actually Really Accurate. What Do You Guys Think


#4 Important Meeting Taking Place Across The Street


#5 One Of My International Law Lecturers Had This Slide A Few Years Ago


#6 At Least My Chemistry Teacher Has A Sense Of Humor


#7 So This Was A Slide In Class Today


#8 This Teacher Is Hilarious


#9 2 Girls Were Having A Nelson Mandela Presentation Today


#10 Starts New Presentation… Porn Site From Last Night Shows Up


#11 Physics Teacher Explains What Liquids Are


#12 Partner Forgot To Change Our Names In The Presentation He Made Before He Sent It To Our Teacher


#13 Slide From My Informatics Prof’s Intro. I Think It’s Going To Be A Good Class


#14 Put This In My Powerpoint Lets See If Anybody Notices


#15 Psychology Professor Started Talking About Abnormal Behavior. This Was His Opening Slide


#16 This Kid Was Giving A Presentation Today In Class


#17 Had My Students Make Powerpoints Telling A Little About Themselves. Stumbled Upon This Gem Of A Slide


#18 Did My Friend Piss His Pants? Nope, It’s Just The Reflection Of The Chairs In The Room


#19 Slide Show For One Of My University’s Classes


#20 My Physics Teacher Doesn’t Like Justin Bieber Either


#21 Honestly


#22 I Had To Do A Senior Presentation On How I Changed In My Past 4 Years Of High School And


#23 Gave A Speech Today


#24 I’m Presenting On The Pre-Excavation Geology Of The Bingham District. My Powerpoint Is Coming Out Nicely


#25 Taking Notes In Psychology Today When All Of The Sudden…


#26 That’s When I Decided This Job Wasn’t For Me… (Actual Slide In A Recruiter’s Presentation This Morning)


#27 Someone In My Anthropology Class Did Their Final Presentation On Memes


#28 My Necrophysiology Professor Put This In His Powerpoint And I Laughed


#29 Guest Speaker Couldn’t Realize Why Everyone Was Laughing So Much At His Presentation Slide


#30 The Best Kind Of Corporate Powerpoint


#31 Last Slide Of My Thesis Presentation, Wish Me Luck


#32 My Professor Gets It


#33 College Presentations Be Like


#34 Meanwhile In A Presentation


#35 My Friend Dressed A Flappy Guy Outside Car Dealerships And Then Gave A Research Presentation


#36 Presentation Day Mistake


#37 This Kid Probably Didn’t Get An A, But He Definitely Should Have


#38 One Of My Mom’s 3rd Grade Students Did A Presentation To The Class On Wolves. When This Slide Went Up She Panicked & Said: “Okaaaay” & Quickly Skipped To The Next Slide


#39 This Presentation


#40 Say It!

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