People Share Amazing Things They Found While Thrift Shopping (25 Pics)

As the saying goes “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. And oftentimes it is true in the literal sense too. A person may sell a highly priced item for cheap or completely discard it on the side of the road, give it away for free to a homeless person, a charity or a thrift store. On the other hand a cheap item may hold extreme value to some person. What determines how valuable an item is to a person is not its price but what material or emotional need that items fulfills for the person. And thrift stores are such places where people go find items they don’t usually find in the open market. From new unused clothing to highly priced items and oddities, it’s always fun to visit thrift stores. ThriftStoreHauls is a forum where people share their amazing thrift store finds. In this post we’ve collected 25 of the best thrift store finds voted by people. Enjoy!

1. I found a locked safe for $15 and it was full of money, gold and silver!


2. An epic Marketplace find – like a 90s Nickelodeon show fever dream

3. 35 bucks at Goodwill. I’ve peaked.

4. I’ve found interesting things in thrifted suit pockets before, but never $2000 in cash

5. Picked up this Drexel playpen sofa at a local thrift shop for $249 yesterday

6. This old lady was selling her painted baby dolls at the flea market and nobody had bought any, it was $20 but I couldn’t find it in me to haggle her down. She told me she made the suit by hand. My new fav office decoration!

7. White whale? More like white pony.

8. Best $1.00 I’ve ever spent


9. I found these 3 gorgeous 1950’s party dresses for $1 each at an estate sale!

10. I found a giant iPhone 3 at Goodwill today.

11. Cute baby side table for $25!

12. Found at Goodwill for $10! I’m not sure what to wear it for but it fits perfectly!!

13. I went back and bought all the fancy light switch plates. Couldn’t stop thinking about them.

14. I know you all love this brand for some reason. I saved them from the trash curbside.

15. I bought a box at an estate auction and found a wallet full of old money.

16. I found a Dyson fan & space heater 2 in 1 at the goodwill bins for $3. The specific model had a recall for overheating and catching fire. I called Dyson and they replaced it with the next model (which retailed for $400-$500).

17.  Lu was please with this $3 dollar bed.

18. Found this stack of books coffee table and brought it home immediately

19. My 95% thrifted classroom decor. Almost all of it from estate sales over the past 4 years.

20. 1970’s RMIC Hand Chair

21. New thrift store opened here, found these framed Mucha cross stitches

22. Fffff-forty dollars you say?!!! Drexler MCM Walnut bookcase

23. Got married in my $30 wedding dress. Thanks, Goodwill!

24. I never would’ve thought that I’d see the white and gold dress in real life! And yet here they were in a random thrift store

25. Here’s better pictures of the clothes I got from the estate sale! $5 each 🙂 60s, 70s and a 90s dress.

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