People Share Funny And Bizarre Things They Saw Being Sold Online

In this era of eCommerce, everything is in the phase of digitization. Everything has now become available with just a click of a button. Either it’s a product on Amazon, eBay, or any other digital marketing platform, eCommerce is the best way of doing business in this modern era. All it takes is a good listing on your online store to start a profitable business. However, r/WTFgaragesale features the funny side of digital marketing. Scroll on to check out our favorites and we bet your perspective towards digital marketing won’t b the same by the end of this post! Enjoy peeps!

#1 Only Once


#2 Is It Weird That I Actually Kinda Want This?


#3 I Check Offerup For Chairs Every Few Days….


#4 Helloooo, Officer!


#5 All Hail Titty Frog


#6 How To Avoid Awkwardly Asking Someone To Take Their Shoes Off At Your Door.. Sold!


#7 Dead *ss Tree


#8 We Love Facebook Marketplace


#9 If He Has Buyers, I Am In The Wrong Business


#10 Harry Potter Teeth, Mmmmmmm


#11 Today On Fb Market Place


#12 The Perfect Bed To Preserve Virginity!


#13 My Fiancée Sent This To Me And I Couldn’t Help But Feel It Belonged Here


#14 You’ve Got A Friend In Me


#15 Found This Gem In Free Pile Outside My Work


#16 $20 For Old Doll Head Found While Hiking


#17 Woman Makes Her Regretful Husband Model Her Handmade Ponchos. Hilarious


#18 Y Tho


#19 There Are No Words


#20 I Mean.. Someone Is Gonna Like It, Right?


#21 Teeth In Great Shape


#22 Why Do People Say “Brand New” When It’s Clearly Not?


#23 This Couch Is Awful Taste And You Cannot Change My Mind


#24 Eat Your Heart Out, Kirk Cameron


#25 The Things You Find At Government Surplus Auctions… Birthing Simulator


#26 Mmmhhhmmm Premium


#27 Not A Garage Sale But I Thought You Might Enjoy


#28 He Haunts You


#29 “No Lowballers”


#30 The Vodka Bottle Full Of Cigarette Ashes I Posted Here About 2 Years Ago Is Still Up, And The Price Was Dropped By A Whopping $4.76. What The Hell


#31 Just What I Needed To Complete My Bathroom Aesthetic

#32 For The Classicist Who Needs To Charge Three Phones And A Tablet


#33 I Hope This Is Satire But I Truly Don’t Know …


#34 Tbh It’s So Well-Made I Kinda Want It, But It Freaks Me Out


#35 How To Properly Sell Firewood In Kentucky


#36 Hot Dog Statue – Two Lovers Holding Hands. Can Also Be “Personally Ordered With Any Customizations Wanted (Mini Hotdog Babies, Pregnant Hotdog, Rockstar Hotdog, Etc)”


#37 Todd


#38 Umm I Don’t Think This Is Apple Official


#39 KFC Zinger


#40 For When You’re Lonely

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