People Share “Mildly Interesting” Stuff In This Online Group (40 Pics )

Let’s face it- Life in 2020 was quite monotonous due to the deadly pandemic that took the whole world under its shadow. We didn’t get any time to look around and observe everything that surrounds us because we were too busy in binge watching our favorite shows. Trust us, folks! There are some quite interesting things out there that range from common to unusual. And subreddit “ “Mildly Interesting” has proof of it! They share some random yet cool stuff for us to ponder! It’s because of their unique compilation that the online group has a devotee following of 18.4m on Reddit. Scroll on to see our most favorites from their collection and enjoy peeps!

#1 My Dog’s Shampoo Is Tested On Humans First.


#2 I Have Partial Heterochromia In Both Eyes


#3 Social Distancing Escalator At Local Mall.


#4 This Finnish Bread-Brand Put A Mask On Their Mascot


#5 Buried Christmas Lights


#6 My University Has A Yolo Button That Randomly Dispenses A Drink


#7 My New Fridge Came With A Noise Description


#8 My Bathroom Window Looks Like A Painting


#9 This Elevator Has Giant Buttons You Can Push With Your Feet


#10 Taking Quotes For A New Neon Sign For The Bar I Work At And One Of The Companies Brought Their Neon Pallet


#11 My One Dog Looks Like My Other Dog’s Shadow.


#12 Found A Snoopy House On My Walk


#13 My Freezer Produces Ice Spheres Rather Than Ice Cubes


#14 A Lizard Fell From The Ceiling And Left This Dusty Imprint On My Wireless Charger.


#15 My Mom Has A Mark Twain Novel Written Under His Real Name


#16 This Convenience Store’s Floor Is Made Of Bottle Caps.


#17 Our Wedding Bands Are Laser Engraved With Each Other’s Fingerprint


#18 My Flatmate Placed A Mirror To Get Sun Into Their Room


#19 Covid Vaccine Being Delivered Via Ice Cream Trucks And Police Escort To A Hospital


#20 My University Has A Rack For People To Lock Their Skateboards!


#21 My Rug Looks Like A Giant Version Of My Napkin


#22 My Town’s Library Is Under Construction, So They’re Using An Old Grocery Store As The Temporary Library


#23 I Restored A Beat To Hell Old Pair Of Doc Martens I Found Lying Around My Neighborhood.


#24 At My Work, We Have Bags Of Pure Oreo Cream


#25 My 100% Complete Collection Of Every LEGO Shield Ever Made


#26 Making Breakfast This Morning, A Broken Yolk Formed Around A Bubble To Create A Reverse Egg.


#27 Burned Out Microwave Bulb Left This Smoke Pattern Inside


#28 This Hi-Hat Stand Used As A Handsfree Sanitizer Dispenser


#29 Found These 110(?) Year Old Crayolas In The Back Of A Family Secretary Desk. The Pack Still Has The Crayons.


#30 The Hospital I Work For Was Originally Designed To Be A Hotel


#31 Me And My Brother Made A Bridge For School That Held 65 Pounds!


#32 The Thorn That’s Been Traveling Through My Fingernail Since July 18 Completed Its Journey In October


#33 At The Back Of This Intel Sticker You Can See The Processor Architecture


#34 The Machine That Made This Penny Must’ve Missed The Coin Face By A Bit


#35 Found My Great Grandpa’s Wwii Air Force Goggles With Wwii Dirt Still On Em


#36 This House I Toured Had A Hidden Entrance To Their Utility Room


#37 My Tires Have Percentages Cast Into The Rubber That Slowly Appear The More Miles You Drive So You Know How Much Tread Depth Is Remaining.


#38 These Handles Don’t Connect To The Floor So The Floor Can Be Cleaned More Easily.


#39 My Girlfriend’s China Was Made In Occupied Japan.


#40 The Old Escalators Of Wynyard Train Station In Sydney Now Hang From The Ceiling



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