People Share Odd And Bizarre Art From Their Hometown (40 Pics)

Art is supposed to question us. Question our beliefs, our prejudices, and even our concepts of what we believe is appropriate or not. Have you ever been through an embarrassing moment when you’re with your parents, and some inappropriate artwork pops up out of nowhere? Well, all of us have seen some of the weirdest artwork once in our life. In this post, we have a list of the world’s ugliest pieces of art. Some of these photos are hilariously inappropriate as well. Scroll down and enjoy, peeps. Don’t forget to share this post with all the art-lovers you know!


#1 Quasi, Christchurch, New Zealand. This Creepy Thing Has Recently Appeared In My City


#2 Okeanos, San Diego, California


#3 Santa Claus, Rotterdam, Netherlands. Just Beautiful


#4 The Pigduck, Turku, Finland. Here’s An Abomination Next To Turku University


#5 This Now Stands Here In Luxembourg


#6 Marine Venus, Halifax, Canada. This Beauty Is On My University’s Campus. It Looks Like A Terrible Sexual Accident


#7 Gymnast III, Des Moines, Iowa. Penis Or Leaning Tower Of Turd, You Be The Judge


#8 Breast Bunch, Arnhem, Netherlands


#9 Nathan Bedford Forrest Statue, Nashville, Tennessee. Nashville HATES This Dumb Statue


#10 Oudenaarde, Belgium


#11 Embankment’s Arch That Cost ~29,000 EUR, Vilnius, Lithuania. Everyone In Vilnius Calls This The Pipe


#12 Field of Corn, Dublin, Ohio. A Field Of Giant Cement Corn Cobs


#13 Man Attacked By Genii, Oslo, Norway


#14 Found In Helsinki, Finland


#15 Des Moines, Iowa. The Sculpture Park Has A Lot Of Interesting Sculptures


#16 New Lynn Transformation, Auckland, New Zealand. This Thing Suspended Near A Train Station Is Supposed To Be A Cloud


#17 Statues By Sazka Hq – Biggest Lottery Company In Czech Republic, Prague


#18 “the Sea Lady” Falkenberg, Sweden


#19 Supermam – Statue In Timisoara – Unirii Square


#20 Vomiting Horse – Brazil’s City Of Curitiba


#21 Old Meaningless Communist Monument In The Center Of Sofia, Bulgaria


#22 ‘de Mol’ (credits: De Telegraaf)


#23 “obscene Figure” – Colima, Colima, Mexico



#24 Venus Of Willendorf, Riga, Latvia. It’s Not That It’s Ugly, But It’s Built In Front Of A Church-Like Building So It Looks Out Of Place There


#25 Place de Paris, Quebec


#26 What About This “christmas Tree” On Place Vendome In Paris, France ?


#27 Priapos Garden, Gävle, Sweden. This Travesty In Equally Grotesque Bubblegum Color


#28 Horolog In Brno, Czech Republic. It Should Show Us The Time, But Nobody Can Read It


#29 The Statue Of Trajan, Bucharest, Romania


#30 Calgary, Canada – Travelling Light: Cost Of $470,000, Now That’s Something To Be Ashamed Of


#31 Westhampton Beach, New York. This Thing Is Probably About 30 Feet Tall And Just Off A Major Road


#32 Dinoseto, Vigo, Spain. Seto Means Hedge In Spanish (so Original). Mayor Assures It’ll Lay Eggs.


#33 The “donut Sausage” As We Call It. Near The Montpellier University (france)


#34 (timisoara, Romania)


#35 Timisoara, Romania


#36 The Fived Legs Mule In Landes, France


#37 Creepy Faceless Babies, Blankenberge, Belgium


#38 The Modern Egyptian Man Attempt To Recreate The Beauty Of Nefertiti


#39 Ugly Chickens (timisoara, Romania)


#40 Green Sticks Cost 500k To Light Up And Make Mist, But Don’t.

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