People Share Surprising Things They Found In Second-Hand Books (40 Pics)

The treasure that is hidden inside books is unimaginable. The words of some of the wisest human beings are no less than any treasure, right? However, when it comes to second-hand books, the treasure isn’t only limited to words. Sometimes, we find strange things that were kept inside the books by its original owners. We have listed below some of the funniest examples. These people were so surprised by the things they found in second-hand books that they couldn’t resist sharing them on the internet. From dried lizard to hilarious notes – these photos will not disappoint you. Keep on scrolling and enjoy, people. Share this post with your friends as well.


#1 Found A Little Surprise In The Library Book I Borrowed


#2 Nothing Like Picking Up A Book And Finding A Photo (And Autograph) Of The Author Inside


#3 These 4 And 5 Leaf Clovers I Found In This Nearly 200-Year-Old Book


#4 I Found This In A 1949 Children’s Book I Bought Today


#5 Used Books Store Has A Wall Of Forgotten Bookmarks


#6 Note Found In “The Book Of Outdoor Gardening” By Smith And Hawken ⁣


#7 My Son Found A Report Card From Nearly 100 Years Ago In His Library Book


#8 Somewhere Back In Time, The Former Owner Of These Glasses Is Still Looking For Them

#9 In A Vintage Hemingway


#10 Found Tucked Between The Pages Of A Secondhand Textbook I Bought


#11 Found A Dried Lizard Between My Book’s Pages


#12 I Found This In A Random Book On The Shelves Of A Cafe


#13 Found In An 1860’s Bible


#14 Beautiful Photo Found In A Copy Of “Birds Of Alaska”


#15 Found This Neat Little Metal Bookmark In “The Life Of Colonel Paul Revere” From 1909


#16 A 1970’s Plane Ticket


#17 Found This In House I’m Tearing Apart In A Book Like Someone Wanted To Keep Them Don’t Think It’s Real Money


#18 My Mother Found A 108-Year-Old Ticket To A Fair In An Old Book Being Used As A Bookmark


#19 A Guy In My Japanese Class Found This In The Back Of His Book. Can Relate


#20 We Found This Lovely Lady In A Book We Listed Yesterday. She Has Been Trimmed From A 19th Century Women’s Periodical Or Magazine


#21 Received At Our Donation Center. Someone’s Drug Stash In A Book


#22 Found A Cool Surprise In My Library Book


#23 A Message And A Coin


#24 One Key, Tied To A String. Found In A Sealed Envelope From The Gladstone Hotel In New York City


#25 A Charming Handmade Bookmark Found In “Little Women”


#26 Found A Dog License From 1919 In “The Oregon Trail”


#27 Found In An 1860’s Era Bible


#28 A 30-Year-Old Ticket Stub To Van Halen’s Monsters Of Rock Tour


#29 Things I Have Found In Books


#30 Dead Bookworm Found In A Late 16th Century Book


#31 Could Someone Explain What These Save Buttons Are Doing In The Back Of My Book?


#32 Found In Textbook. Guess They Were Lightening Up The Mood


#33 Found In My Copy Of “Moby-Dick”


#34 Found A Garden’s Worth Of Pressed Flowers And Plants In A Book From 1833


#35 Sometimes What You Find In An Old Book Is A Bit More Exciting Than The Old Book Itself


#36 Found This In A 1947 Red Cross First Aid Textbook


#37 That Time Edgar Allan Poe Fell Out Of My Library Book. This Academic Baby Daddy Just Made My Day


#38 Favorite Photos I’ve Found Left In Books


#39 Ambassador And Madame J. H. Van Roijen Red Cross Membership Card From 1956


#40 Vintage Paper Doll Pieces Found In “Joyful Songs”


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