People Share The Most ‘WTF’ And Bizarre Stock Images They’ve Seen Online

We know that stock photos are used for professional purposes because they are often generic photos, illustrations, and icons created without a particular project in mind. However, the internet is a weird place, where numerous bizarre things find their home quite easily including the lousy stock photography as well. And as luck would have it, someone is always ready to share them on social media for us to enjoy some good laughs. Hence,the weirdest stock monstrosities on the subreddit having 333k members will make you laugh out loud like no other. Scroll on to the most WTF stock images from their collection and enjoy peeps!

#1 This Makes Me Feel Uncomfortable


#2 Oh Damn You Caught Me Keeping A Bowl Of Crackers In The Fridge


#3 Surfing The Web


#4 Trying To Tell Your Wife Her Cooking Is Crap


#5 This Stock Photo Illustrates The Dangers Of Shirt Hoarding


#6 An Italian Having A Conversation With A Giant Nacho


#7 Kermit Sacrifices A Potato?


#8 I Think I’ll Go Snow Skiing In A Bikini; Ya Know, Since I’m Pregnant And All


#9 Woman Is Robbing Bakery With A Baguette


#10 Alligator Attacking Businesswoman In Office Cubicle


#11 Forbidden Affair


#12 Apple


#13 After Many Weeks Lurking, I Have Finally Found A Wtfstockphoto


#14 I Have No Idea What This Is Supposed To Represent


#15 She Doesn’t Have A Spine


#16 Dads When Gas Prices Go Up 1 Cent


#17 Yes Grandma I Want Some Ice-Cream


#18 Please Nurse, Do Your Job


#19 It’s Like I’m Really There!


#20 Bubble Wrap Fun


#21 Ok, Love You Too


#22 When No One Shows Up To Your Victorian Themed Whoville Party


#23 Congratulations On Your New Husband!


#24 Man With A Meat Loaf Mask Blended Into His Skin Or Whatever This Is


#25 Burger Baby


#26 So… I Came Across This Picture


#27 Man Poking A Gpu Card With A Soldering Iron


#28 How To Properly Censor A Dingdingdong


#29 I Don’t Even Know What To Say


#30 Warning Sign

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