Rare Photos That Reveal The Unseen Side Of Things (New Pics)

The daily grind of routine can dull out even the most innovative and enthusiastic minds. This is why it is important that we take some time off work, and let ourselves explore the hidden secrets of the world. However, remember, people! You don’t have to take a big expensive vacation to unwind. You can do it by just renewing your appreciation of the world by uncovering the hidden treasures that lay hidden in the world. And our post is simply dedicated to the unseen and unnoticed side of things that our amazing world has to offer. Scroll on to check them out and evoke your curious nature. Enjoy peeps!

#1 When It’s Cold Enough To See The Melody


#2 Spotted A Rainbow Cloud From My Balcony. Not As Beautiful As Aurora But Pretty Rare To See Such Phenomena In India


#3 This Is What Sunset Looks Like From Space


#4 Here Are My Removed & Genetically Modified White Blood Cells, About To Be Put Back In To Hopefully Cure My Cancer


#5 Not A Painting – Just An Iceberg Flipped Upside Down


#6 This Albino Peacock I Saw In Malaysia


#7 Finally Got My Prosthetics In


#8 Bioluminescent Phytoplankton In The Persian Gulf


#9 Ice Eggs – This Rare Phenomenon Occurs When Ice Is Rolled Over By Wind And Water (Northern Finland)


#10 Nappies In Sweden Have A Father On The Packaging


#11 The Forests Of Aspen, Colorado


#12 My Nails Pushing The Chemo Out Of My Fingertips


#13 This Huge Tree In Cairo


#14 Highway To Heaven. 30-Second Long Exposure Of Airliner Departing From Runway


#15 Truck Door Handle On A Frosty Morning


#16 My Dad Got A Periodic Table With The Actual Elements In It


#17 A Pistachio Plant


#18 The Sun Hit This Freshly-Paved Tarmac Just Right And Made A Real-Life Rainbow Road Through Polarized Lenses


#19 This Butterfly With Transparent Wings


#20 Amazing Jimbacrinus Crinoid Fossils


#21 What A Piece Of 10,000-Year-Old Glacial Ice Looks Like


#22 This Close Up Shot Of A Dragonfly I Took With My Phone The Other Day


#23 Just When You Thought You’d Seen Everything – Here’s Snowball, An Extremely Rare Leucistic Alligator


#24 My Hair Is Half Blonde Half Brunette. Including Eyebrows


#25 Horses On A Plane


#26 Certain Fish Skin Can Be Grafted Onto Burns And Diabetic Wounds. The Material Recruits The Body’s Own Cells And Is Converted Eventually Into Living Tissue


#27 This Pencil Store In Tehran, Iran


#28 The Density Of Penguin Feathers


#29 Sendai Daikannon, One Of The Tallest Statues In The World


#30 Astronaut Bruce McCandless Floating Away From The Safety Of The Space Shuttle


#31 The Color Of My Kitten’s Foot Is Split Down The Middle


#32 This Red Only Rainbow I Saw At Midnight In Finland


#33 This Majestic Emerald Mallard


#34 My Cactus Has Grown A Strange-Looking Flower


#35 In Case You Haven’t Seen Spider Feet Up Close


#36 We Got These Giant Screws In At Work Today For Mounting Solar Panels


#37 The Difference Three Months Of Hardcore Chemotherapy Makes


#38 The Back Of Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa


#39 The UK Is Full Of Charming Crinkle Crankle Garden Walls


#40 This Lizard I Found “Standing” On Water In My Pool

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