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Return & Refund Policy

1.1. All products sold by the Seller are fit for purpose as

described and are amenable for return only in accordance

with the terms contained in the clauses below.

1.2. Products returned by a Purchaser due to a manufacturing

or factory fault will either be replaced or a refund will be

issued to the said Purchaser.

1.3. Products that become defective or malfunction as a result

of a user fault may be repaired by the Seller at the cost of

the Purchaser and are not amenable to free replacement

or refund.

1.4. The Seller reserves the right and discretion to either

accept or refuse the return of a product purchased by a

Purchaser erroneously or for a wrongful purpose.

1.5. All claims pertaining to products under this clause will be

subject to inspection by the Seller’s technical team or

appointed experts who shall generate a report identifying

the source of any fault in the products and whether the

same are factory or user faults.

1.6. The report and inspection referred to in 7.5. shall be

conducted within 7 days of the product being availed to

the Seller or as will be communicated by the Seller but

concluded within a period of 21 days.

1.7. A Purchaser disputing the report referred to in clause 7.5.

above will be at liberty to nominate an independent

technician to inspect the product in question at their own


1.8. All claims arising under this clause shall be made by the

Purchaser within 6 months of the purchase date