Tales From The Customer: People Share Their Worst Customer Service Experience

“The customer is always right” is a customer service motto that don’t always translate into action. Sometimes customer service representatives do the opposite of what they are taught on how to treat customers. Most of the time it is customers who take the rap for being rude or obnoxious but it is not a one way street, sometimes customers simply react to how they are treated by the customer service. Tales From the Customer is one online forum where aggrieved customers go to share their worst customer service experiences and vent their rage. Below we have collected few examples of such worst customer service stories for you to collectively rage with us. Have you also had a bad customer service experience? If so feel free to post it in the comments section.



1. She Wants a What?

2. Wouldn’t sell me alcohol because I wasn’t 40.

3. Bad server questions the tip amount


4. That time I made a cashier cry by being reasonable.

5. A very busy cashier at the self check-out stand


6. Small shop owner told my parents I tried to buy alcohol underage because I forgot my ID.

7. My 9 year old learned a hard lesson about banks.

8. Bouncer thought my real ID was fake and bent it

9. Barista at mermaid coffee chain just does whatever she wants with ZERO respect for company policy

10. I never stiff because I work as a server myself but this was too much

11. My mom busted a cheat

12. Apparently you must tip in all retail places now day?

13. “You’re not going to get a new car”

14. Yes, I want my omelette ingredients IN the omelette.

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