Tweets From The Unofficial Generation Called “Zillennials”

We all know Millennials as those born between 1981–1997 while Gen Z is those born between 1997 and 2015. Yes! Millennials are an optimistic lot who are often seen as being pandered to by parents and adults in their lives whole Gen Z are more selfish. They think everything more realistically and practically. They’re wary and mindful of their circumstances. Though both generations are different, they still have a few things in common like the reliance on technology or using YouTube as a major entertainment source. Maybe that’s why some people decided to create another generation, combining the two and calling themselves Zillennials because they didn’t have a sense of belonging to either group. These people gathered in a Facebook group called Born Zillennial. They share memes, the reality they face today and things they remember from their childhood. Scroll on to check them out! Who knows maybe you’ll start calling yourself Zillennial too. Enjoy peeps!

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#1 These Bad Boys Were Invincible


#2 So We All Had The Same Teachers In School?? Some People Still Do This Now, And I Cannot Take It


#3 Zillennials Right Now 🥲


#4 It’s A Hard Job But Someone Has To Do It




#6 Y’all Remember Back In The Early Days Of Youtube Where If We Didn’t Want The Video To Buffer Every Five Minute, We Would Wait For The White Line To Go All The Way To The End Of Video? Or Did I Just Have Really Bad Internet Connection?




#8 I Honestly Forgot About This. Lol 😂




#10 I Mean…


#11 Can Cofirm


#12 For Sure I Had These, And Left My Lights On All Day While At School So They Would Get ‘Super Charged’ (I’m Sure My Parents Loved Me For That…)


#13 I’m Not Detecting Any Lies Here…


#14 Every 7th Grade Boy I’ve Ever Met




#16 Thank God For Pizza Rolls


#17 Was This Anyone Else’s Fav Show?!!








#21 Anyone Else Have A Designated Room For Their Computer Back In The Day?








#25 Makes Me Gag Every Time




#27 “I Neeed Itttt”


#28 He Didn’t Have To Go That Hard For Us, But He Still Did!




#30 Anytime I See A Grape Or One Is Mentioned, This Is All I Can Think Of 🤣 Anyone Else??


#31 Facts




#33 Right After Mario Yells “Bye-Bye” And Blows Your Cover


#34 I Can’t Picture It 🤣 They Played Their Parts So Well. This Was My Favorite Show And The First Thing I Watched When Disney+ Launched


#35 Just Wanted To Show Y’all The 25-Ish Year Old Plate I Ate Off Last Night






#38 Oh My God. Crackle Nail Polish. Mine Never Turned Out Right





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