These Teachers Hilariously Trolled Their Students

Teachers have one of the toughest job. They have to deal with class clowns and discipline bratty students. If you think, they have alot to tolerate during their working hours. And who can blame them? The days when you think the lecture is boring and you’re watching the clock, they’re probably doing the same thing! However, some teachers are quite smart to let the students know who owns all the cards. These teachers understand that to handle mischievous students, you gotta get on their level. From witty jokes to hilarious sitting choice during a test, scroll on to see how these teachers dealt with their students in the art of trolling. Enjoy peeps and don’t forget to share!

#1 On My English Teachers Door



#2 Teacher Wrote “See Me After School”


#3 Psychology Professor Trolls Two Of His Students


#4 My Proffessor’s Got Jokes


#5 He Does This Every Test So We Don’t Cheat


#6 Awesomely Evil Professor


#7 The Professor Is Not Mad… Just Disappointed


#8 He Asked The Teacher For A Pen


#9 My Chemistry Teachers Solution To People Stealing Her Calculators


#10 I Fell For It (Troll Teacher)


#11 Professor Quirrell


#12 So My Chemistry Teacher Set The Table On Fire


#13 Funny Teacher


#14 My Uni Lecturer Has A Photo Of Him Sitting On His Desk On The Window. I Paid 9k To These Trolls


#15 My Professors Desktop Before Our Final Exam


#16 Our Biology Teacher Brought A Skeleton To Class


#17 My Professor Really Brought A Mf Coffin To Class To Say “Yall Test Scores Had Me Dead”


#18 Did My Professor Just….


#19 My Brother Lost His Recorder And The Teacher Still Made Him Perform


#20 So My Teacher Had Us Do A Lab Today


#21 When Your Prof Is Feeling Savage


#22 Math Teacher Got Tired Of Kids Not Returning Her Pencils


#23 Asked My Teacher For A Letter Of Recommendation..


#24 Never Say “Yo” To Your Professor


#25 Professor Just Started Updating The Course Site And Added This Photo


#26 When You Don’t Show Up For Spanish Class And Your Teacher Is Extra As Hell


#27 My Son’s Teacher Is Proud Of Me


#28 My English Teacher Put This On The Clock During Finals. How Clever


#29 I Think My Teacher Resents Teaching In Public School…


#30 He Says “Fraid Not” And Pulls Out A Frayed Knot He Keeps In His Pocket


#31 My Professor Thinks He’s A Comedian (Rochester, New York)


#32 When Your Teacher Counters Back


#33 My Professor Can Be A Troll Sometimes


#34 Girlfriend’s Professor Started Off His Exam Right


#35 I Think The Teacher Is Sick Of The Our Class


#36 Just Got Burned By My Cs Professor


#37 Obviously Love And Candy



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