This Online Group Share Things ‘You Didn’t Know You Wanted’ (40 Pics)

The amount of stuff we own these days is staggering. We all pursue bigger houses, faster cars, cooler technology, and trendier fashion—all the while hoping that material things will make us happy somehow. To keep ourselves entertained and distracted from any real problems, we buy so much stuff that we don’t need. And to make us realize it, the subreddit “Didn’t Know I Wanted That” has got a lot of content. The group gathered almost 1.1m followers with a description, “this subreddit is the perfect place to find all products you didn’t know existed, but suddenly want, right after you’ve seen them!”. Scroll on to check out all the useless stuff people bought for no apparent reason!

#1 Sonali Bag


#2 Also For Long Web Series, Movie Franchises And Zoom Meetings


#3 Nice View


#4 Look Close…. I’m Hoping My Wife Won’t Notice


#5 Their, There, They’re


#6 I Got New Playing Cards That Are Matte Black. Unless You’re Looking Directly At The Card, It’s Basically Impossible To See What They Are


#7 Finally, Something For Everybody


#8 Just Gonna Leave This Here


#9 Chameleon Tape Measure


#10 Sandwich Crime


#11 My Husband’s Fully Reflective Iridescent Rain Set


#12 Door With A Hidden Built-In Kitty Door


#13 Credit To Nic On Twitter. Nothing Gets Me Moving Faster Than That Awful Sound


#14 I Dont Mean To Boast, But I Never Burn My Toast


#15 These Fan Pull-Strings


#16 Leave Me Alone


#17 I Saw This Pic On Fb, A Rocking Chair Built With Children In Mind


#18 No More Squinting At The Measuring Cup Labels


#19 Epic Dog Toy


#20 I Want That


#21 I’d Buy This Just Cause Of The Packaging


#22 Luxuriating


#23 Magnetic Goose, Peace Was Never An Option


#24 Cabbage Umbrella


#25 This Is A Game Changer


#26 Forallthebooks That Haven’t Been Read In 2020


#27 My Shirt Has A Microfiber Sewn On The Inside To Clean Glasses


#28 A Terrarium Coffee Table


#29 This Is Ingenious


#30 This Faucet Gives You The Illusion That The Water Is Appearing Out Of Literally Nowhere!


#31 Rook Tower Pack-Away Chess Set


#32 Door Knockers From The Movie Labyrinth


#33 This Ceramic Mug


#34 I Like To Make Art Out Of Playing Cards. This Took Over 20 Suicide Kings All Cut With An Xacto


#35 I Want The Octopus Kites


#36 One For The Pranksters


#37 Switzerland Has Mini Jacuzzi Boats


#38 Printed A Sisyphus Statue To Push My Tp Up A Shelf For All Eternity


#39 Mini Whacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man


#40 Artoo Deco

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