Trucks And Buses That Tried To Fit Under A Bridge Unsuccessfully (30 Pics)

The Norfolk Southern–Gregson Street Overpass is quite famous for tearing off roof fixtures of buses, and RVs, and at times shearing off the trucks’ roofs. That’s why the bridge gained new names such as “The Can Opener” or “Gregson Street Guillotine”. The bridge clearance for vehicles was 11 feet 8 inches (3.56 m) but unfortunately, the changed standard clearance in 1973 was 14 feet (4.27 m). Hence, the collisions at the bridge started circulating on the internet. And the bridge became even more popular with Jürgen Henn’s project of recording the collisions. Eventually, Henn posted over 150 accidents up till October 2020. His project even expanded to other Internet platforms which gave birth to the subreddit r/11foot8. The group now shares colliding vehicles from all around the world. Scroll on to see some of the top posts that we have compiled for you!

#1 Separation Anxiety


#2 Irony?


#3 Thought This Fit Well Here


#4 New Mini Golf In Durham Honors It’s Famous 11’8″ Bridge


#5 You See What Happens When You Rush To Be In Somebody Else’s Business


#6 Hungry Bridge In Enid, Oklahoma


#7 I Too Take The Top Off My Oreos Before I Eat Them


#8 VW Crash


#9 Delivering A Bridge


#10 Gotta Get The Packages Onboard As Quickly As Possible!


#11 What Makes It Funnier Is That This Isn’t Even The Route The Bus Is Meant To Take


#12 Found On Street View


#13 He Made It All The Way Through


#14 U Are Stuck


#15 Meanwhile In Chicago


#16 Pretty Effective Bridge Protection!


#17 I Work For FedEx. One Of Our Trucks Came In Like This


#18 When You Take The Bridge With


#19 I Don’t Understand People. “Oh This Truck Is About To Hit That Sign, Let Me Just Continue Follow Him”


#20 If The Bridge It Is Too Low, You Don’t Have To Take It Slow. Lay The Truck Down On The Side, Underneath The Bridge You’ll Slide


#21 11foot8 In Indianapolis. Truck Was Full Of Cream Cheese


#22 I Fought The Bridge And The Bridge Won


#23 Fail


#24 Square Peg In A Round Hole


#25 The Biggest Oof I’ve Ever Seen!


#26 This Low Overpass Knocked The Streetview Camera Off Its Mount


#27 Scalped! A Whole Level Beyond Can Opener!


#28 “No Pictures! Don’t Laugh!”


#29 Well Known Can Opener In Kansas City, MO


#30 Brand New Jeep

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