USA Plays England Today But A Brawl Is Already Going On Between Americans and Brits On Twitter

There is no doubt that Americans and Brits have a love-hate relationship, and this love-hate relationship is not new, it goes back to the days when the US used to be a British colony and the Americans defeated them in a war of independence. Americans love to rub in British people’s faces now and then that they beat the once mighty British empire, and no, Brits don’t just take it lying down either, they respond with their own comebacks like how the Americans couldn’t have won the war without the help of the French or a with a critical comment on America’s current problems like their disastrous foreign policy, gun violence, costly healthcare, etc. This back-and-forth banter between Americans and Brits appears anywhere something pits them against each other whether it is food, politics, pop culture, language, sports, etc. So it is not unexpected that an event like the FIFA World Cup 2022 match between the US and England would generate that kind of banter, and we’re seeing it happen on Twitter. 


A Twitter user at Yankreport tweeted: 

and replies from the brits were expected – comment on how Americans can never win alone referring to America’s war of independence when they took help from the French. 

but wait there was a comeback for that from an American: 


Here are some more replies that followed from both Americans and Brits:






5. Formerly colonized Indians joined in 

  • Sadly Indians have not qualified for the FIFA world cup 2022 as it would be fun to watch a former colony take on its colonizer. Fun fact: India never played the FIFA World Cup. India once qualified for the FIFA World Cup 1950 in Brazil but backed out because of insufficient practice time and disagreements over team selection. 


6. The Scots also had something to say 


7. Whenever it is Brits vs Americans a reference to the War of Independence is unavoidable 

  • Pic context: Mel Gibson ambushes the Brits in the Movie “The Patriot”. 

8. Turns out November 25th coincides with Evacuation day – the day the British Army left New York to end the occupation of America’s greatest city 

  • Fun fact: Evacuation day on November 25 marks the day in 1783 when the British army left New York after the end of the American revolutionary war. Along with the British Army a total of 29000 loyalists including 3000 black loyalists were evacuated to Nova Scotia, East Florida, the Caribbean, and London.



Yankreport’s tweet’s screenshot was shared in another Twitter thread where it received more traction. 

8. The Brits had to bring in other Wars that America lost

9. Americans defend their loss to Vietnam by taking a shot at the Brits 


More back-and-forth banter: 


11. Home court advantage, good enough cope 

12. “YoU NeVeR DeFeAtEd Us In ThE BaTtLeFiElD”

13. Brits didn’t bother defeating America because they had other things to do

14. As excepted someone had to post the burning of the White House 

  • Historial fact: As the war between Americans and the British raged on British troops marched into Washington and set fire to the U.S. Capitol, on August 24, 1814. The president’s mansion, the senate, and other local landmarks were destroyed in the fire. 


15.  Partially true 

  • Fact Check: It is partially true that the common reason for national holidays around the world is independence from the British. According to Guinness World Records 62 countries have gained independence from the United Kingdom, followed by 28 from France, 17 from Spain, 16 from The Soviet Union, 7 from Portugal, and 5 from the USA. 


16. Comment on British food is never off the table 


17. Kinda embarrassing for people who claim to have defeated the British Empire 


  • Joke: The sun never sat on the British empire because God couldn’t trust the Englishman in the dark.


19. “Foot Ball” Or  “Hand Egg”?


pic credit: @jhanSDoriel
  • Fun Fact: American football is called football and not “Hand Egg” because it evolved from Rugby where the feet are used to score a goal kick. 


20. Nothing better than good banter before the match 

If you are interested you can view the whole Twitter thread here and here and may the best team win today’s match. 


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