Wholesome Dog Posts That’ll Put A Smile On Your Face

Dogs make our life better. They make us smile more. They force us to move. They encourage us to be more mindful of the present. They make us feel loved. And maybe that’s the reason science has shown dogs improve our physical, mental, and emotional health. However,  you don’t necessarily need to be an owner yourself to benefit from a dog’s company because our curated list will also do the trick. Scroll on to see hilarious dog photos below that will overwhelm your hearts and put a smile on your face. Take a look and enjoy peeps! 

#1 Retired NASA Astronaut, Leland Melvin’s Official Portrait


#2 He Wanted Me To Go Outside And Play Fetch


#3 Possibly The Greatest Photo Ever


#4 When You Leave Your Dogs Alone For Just A Few Minutes


#5 The Dog Was Much Happier Before Her


#6 Cause This Is Thrilleeeeeer!


#7 Looking


#8 Ball Toy


#9 Photobombing


#10 Leave Me Alone, Human! I Told You I Hate Baths


#11 Breaching Buddies


#12 All Hail The New King


#13 I Look At My Dog


#14 If You Can’t Hide A Crime Scene, Just Pretend You Are A Victim


#15 Dog Park Engagement Photos Did Not Disappoint


#16 White Doggo vs. Freshly Cut Grass


#17 The Division Has Begun


#18 We Don’t Need Any Fake Frens


#19 This Aquatic Explorer I Ran Into Yesterday


#20 When Your Chihuahua Uses Your Bulldog As A Horse


#21 Just Wanted A Nice Family Photo


#22 Our Dog’s New Hairdo, Courtesy Of The Cat


#23 Head Pats And Rubs Go Right Here Please


#24 Day Dreaming In Front Of The BBQ


#25 Guard Dog On Duty


#25 Guard Dog On Duty


#27 During And After A Shower


#28 It’s That Time Of Year Again!


#29 He’s Extremely Stubborn


#30 One Of Piper’s Heckin Cool Tags Came In Today


#31 Knock Knock


#32 I Guess I’m A Towel Now


#33 He Has Been Known To Accost People For Ages If He Thinks They Will Throw A Ball Or Stick For Him


#34 Don’t Stop Me Now


#35 My Girlfriend Finally Woke Up Before Me And Caught Our Usual Sleeping Arrangement That I’ve Been Complaining About. The Bed Is King-Size


#36 These Are In Fact The Same Dog On The Same Day


#37 Sliced Bread


#38 They Grow Up So Fast


#39 Anubis Wears Adidas, Apparently


#40 She’s The Only Thing Keeping The Tower From Falling.


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