You Can’t Just Slap Some Fabric Together And Call It a Dress (22 Pics)

Poor fashion is one thing, some people even lack common sense! In the pursuit of looking unique and novel, people end up wearing clothes that should never have seen the light of day. And we found the best Facebook group who shame these kinds of fashion disasters.‘You can’t just slap some fabric together and call it a dress’ has got some hilarious collection. Scroll on to check them out and enjoy peeps!

#1 Totally Invisible


#2 Ermm


#3 Just… Why?


#4 Looks The Same


#5 Dalek?



#6 Obviously People With More Money Than Me Don’t Have To Move Their Arms



#7 I Can’t Even Think Of The Words To Describe This. Literally Looks Like A Denim Black Hole


#8 Cowboy Bebop Vibes


#9 What Is Going On


#10 Official Cosplay As Pixar Lamp


#11 I Think This Should Be In Here Lol


#12 Feel Like This Belongs Here


#13 Whut


#14 This Screams Maternity Shoot


#15 Met Gala


#16 Not The Best Placement For A Continent


#17 Someone I Know Is Selling This Dress And I Can’t Seem To Not See Sagging Boobs Instead Of Pokets


#18 Found On Tiktok, The Sleeves Connect To The Skirts


#19 Whatever The Heck This Is


#20 Found On Shein


#21 If Someone Says “I Actually Like It ” Im Calling The Police


#22 Why Does It Low Key Look Like A Pad. You Could Wear This Dress To Your Period Party And At The Very End Have People Throw Red Paint At Youuuu

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